Friday 1st April

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), L Twomey, R Hamilton, L Jackson, A Napier (Clerk of Scales)
Deputy Stewards:
Number of Races: 5
Number of Runners: 28
Stakes Paid: $65,200

Race 1: BMNT 73 Handicap

General: As jockey M Tyndall was overweight, the following replacements were approved and disseminated:

Race 2 – EFRON (F Bergstrand)

Race 3 – HAMISH BOY (R Oakford) rider was permitted to ride 2 kg overweight

Race 4 – DASH ABOUT (R Rhodes)

Race 5 – AIR STRIKER (W Davis)

Jockey M Tyndall was fined $200 for accepting rides when overweight – AR120(b). In considering penalty Stewards also took into account that she also forfeited a riding engagement at the Alice Springs meeting on 2 April, 2016.

General: Prior to the race Stewards interviewed trainer Mr G Clarke in relation to the riding instructions he intended to give each jockey bearing in mind his stable had 3 runners in the event.  All runners were ridden accordingly.

No racing incidents to report.

Race 2: TROBIS Class B Handicap 1100m

HAMMERED ART (C Spry) – Raced greenly in running. Lay inwards in the straight with the rider changing his whip to his left hand near the 100m.

MACON COUNTY (V Arnott) – Rider was questioned regarding her tactics in the middle stages whereby her mount continued to apply pressure to the leader. She advised that after riding her mount vigorously from the barriers to take up a forward position, the gelding commenced to pull hard and lay outwards and as a result failed to settle and consequently yielded ground in the straight. This explanation was noted.

Race 3: 0 – 58 Handicap 1200m

POINSETTIA (F Bergstrand) – Impeded behind heels and steadied outwards near the 500m.

DANCE THE BEAT (V Arnott) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced wide throughout.

INFERENTIAL (C Spry) – Rider was reprimanded for failing to ride his mount out fully to the end of the race. In arriving at this decision Stewards were satisfied that his actions had not affected his mount’s finishing position.

ROYALS (R Rhodes) – Commenced awkwardly.

HAMISH BOY (R Oakford) – As there was no other jockey able to ride at the allotted weight, Stewards permitted rider to weigh out 2kg overweight. This information was disseminated.

Race 4: 0 – 70 Handicap 1200m

DOCKING (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly. When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that his mount was off the bit in running and yielded ground prior to straightening. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mr G Clarke subsequently reported that the gelding had returned to his stables with a swollen left eye and is receiving treatment.

SNOW LION (W Davis) – Veered outwards at the start and bumped.

FRISKY ALBERT (R Oakford) – Bumped heavily at the start.

DASH ABOUT (R Rhodes) – Bumped and unbalanced at the start. Raced wide throughout.

Race 5: 0 – 64 Handicap 1600m

CELEBRAKTI (R Oakford) – Lay inwards under pressure in the straight.

THE KUNUNURRA KID (V Arnott) – Cast its near hind plate in running.

THING OF NOTHING (C Spry) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and EFRON.


Race 2: Trainer S Clarke was fined $100 for presenting EFRON without its approved gear – AR140A

Race 3: Trainer C Spry was fined $100 for presenting INFERENTIAL without its approved gear – AR140A

Race 3: Jockey W Davis was fined $200 for using his whip on one extra occasion than permitted prior to the 100m – AR137A(5)(a)(ii)


Race 3: Jockey C Spry was reprimanded for failing to ride INFERENTIAL out fully to the end of the race – AR137(b)

Suspensions - Nil

Embargoes - Nil

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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