Sat 30th April 2016

Track: Good
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), D Hensler, M Hurley, B Lysaght, B Watling, A Napier (Race day compliance)
Deputy Stewards: L Spicer, N Westover
Number of Races: 7
Number of Runners: 71
Stakes Paid: $210,000

General: from Alice Springs Turf Club meeting 23 April, 2016 – Race 8 Central Australian Removals Handicap 1400m.

On Thursday 28 April, 2016 Stewards reconvened the inquiry into the reasons why jockey Felicia Bergstrand was dislodged from GEMSET in the above mentioned race. Evidence was taken from Ms Bergstrand and fellow jockeys P Denton (FLYING ECO) and K Gladwin (CHICKAMAUGA). It was established that leaving the 1300m CHICKAMAUGA commenced to race fiercely and raced with its head in the air when trying to be settled by its rider. Near the 900m FLYING ECO which was following had to be steadied to avoid racing onto heels and reacted by shifting out abruptly into the running line of GEMSET which clipped heels, blundered and fell dislodging its rider. Stewards were satisfied that no rider had ridden in a careless manner and determined that the incident was an indirect result of CHICKAMAUGA racing fiercely.

Stewards conducted stable inspections on race morning which included examining all runners engaged to compete and checking for compliance with the recording of administrations and treatments.

Race 1 Telstra Alice Springs Handicap 1200 metres

Due to flight delays jockey J Cameron and apprentice R Prest failed to arrive on course in time for this event and the following replacements were approved: BLAME IT ON RIO – T O’Donnell, SIMON THE LIKEABLE – N Rose

BROOKLYN (C Spry) – Raced wide throughout.

REMEMBER RAZOR (W Kerford) – Raced wide throughout.

BACHELOR PAD (C Haddon) – Commenced awkwardly getting its head in the air. Angled outwards around heels near the 150m to secure a clear run.

LADY FLEETFOOT (S Ridler) – Slow into stride. Commenced to race ungenerously from the 1000m when crossed by other runners due to resenting the kickback and was reluctant to stretch out from thereon. A post race veterinary examination diagnosed the filly to have a wind infirmity. Trainer K North subsequently advised that after consulting with connections, the filly will now undergo corrective throat surgery. Trainer was advised that the filly must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.

RONDA PARADISE (B Huppatz) – Commenced awkwardly.

Race 3: Colemans Printing Handicap 1000 metres

MABOOTS (P Denton) – Yielded ground from the 500m. Following the unplaced performance trainer L Lefoe advised that the gelding will be sent for a spell.

CAPTAIN PUNCH (B Davis) – Fractious prior to the start.

GRANCABRIO (N Rose) – Commenced awkwardly and shifted ground outwards at the start. Rider reported that his mount felt awkward in its action in the early stages when racing wide on the track. He further advised that rounding the home turn the gelding commenced to race tractably and responded to his riding making up ground in the run to the finish. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

CELESTIAL ME (K Gladwin) – Knuckled at the start.

I’M A SOLDIER (W Kerford) – Bumped at the start.

BURGUNDY LASS (B Huppatz) – Bumped at the start.

Race 4: Hisense Maiden Plate 1100 metres

CANDLESTICKS (C Spry) $21 – Was declared a late scratching at 2.21pm on veterinary advice after the mare became fractious in the barriers and sustained lacerations to both hind legs. Trainer S Green was advised that the mare must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again. Stewards ordered the following deductions applicable to all successful bets placed prior to 2.21pm.

UNCOVERED WEALTH  3c win  5c place

JOE SOMEBODY  4c place

KAAPSTROEM  5c place

DISCO (P Denton) – Pressured by another runner and bumped on the off shoulder contacting the running rail near the 700m. The gelding continued to race onto the running rail which ultimately gave way and the gelding fell dislodging its rider. A veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have sustained an injury to near cannon. Trainer L Walling-Denton was advised that she must present a veterinary certificate of soundness for the gelding prior to racing or trialling again.

MY COLLEAGUE (S Ridler) – Knuckled at the start.

REDOUTE’S EMPIRE (C Haddon) – Taken outwards and restrained near the 700m.

KAAPSTROEM (K Connor) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced wide throughout.

LYUDMILA (J Cameron) – Took charge of its rider in the preliminary and after undergoing a veterinary examination was cleared to compete.

SEAFTA (B Huppatz) – Commenced awkwardly and veered outwards at the start. Tightened for room and restrained inwards bumping another runner near the 700m.

SNUFFS THE BATTLE (W Kerford) – Bumped at the start. Veered outwards to avoid heels near the 700m.

UNCOVERED WEALTH (B Davis) – Following the event the veterinarian provided treatment to the mare which was showing signs of tying up.

WILANDER DIAMOND (N Rose) – Bumped at the start. Inconvenienced near the 700m.

General: On inquiry jockey K Gladwin (JOE SOMEBOBY) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under AR137(a) with the specifics being that near the 700m he permitted his mount to shift inwards when insufficiently clear resulting in SEAFTA (B Huppatz) being restrained inwards and contacting with the off shoulder of DISCO (P Denton). As a consequence DISCO contacted the running rail becoming unbalanced for some distance until the rail gave way and as a result fell and dislodged its rider. Jockey K Gladwin had his license to ride in races suspended for a period of 5 NT meetings to commence after 2 May, 2016 and to expire after 28 May, 2016. In considering penalty Stewards took into account the consequence of the interference and jockey K Gladwin’s exemplary race riding record.

Jockey P Denton was examined by the Paramedics and cleared to fulfil his remaining engagements. Stewards requested that he continued to be monitored by the Paramedics between his remaining rides and after his final engagement. Jockey P Denton was further requested to obtain a medical clearance prior to fulfilling his riding engagements on Monday 2 May, 2016.

Race 5: Royal Flying Doctor Handicap 1200 metres

MADIBA’S VISION (M Tyndall) – Commenced awkwardly.

ENGINE FIFTY FIVE (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly and veered outwards at the start. Had a tendency to lay outwards in running and raced wide as a result. Following the event trainer N Moody reported that the bubble cheeker had become detached before the start and the gelding consequently raced without this gear.

THE HUMMEL (B Huppatz) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

GALLANT EXPRESS (S Ridler) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages.

AUSBRED ROYAL (R Prest) – Bumped at the start.

FERRIS (K Connor) – A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

Race 6: Holdfast Insurance Pioneer Sprint 1200 metres

Stewards conducted veterinary inspections of all runners engaged in this event on Thursday 28 April, 2016. HANDSOME TYCOON was again examined on race morning and was cleared to compete.

Stewards interviewed trainer L Lefoe in regards to her riding instructions bearing in mind the stable had 3 runners engaged in this event.

ACTION AGAIN (N Rose) – Bumped at the 600m.

MOSS’N TIME (P Denton) – Bumped at the start.

HANDSOME TYCOON (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly.

PRINCE HARADA (K Gladwin) – Bumped at the start. Raced wide throughout.

SWIFT SHADOW (C Haddon) – Slow into stride and crowed shortly after the start.

YOUR EXCELLENCY (S Ridler) – Lay outwards near the 400m and was momentarily impeded from heels. Shifted ground inwards under pressure leaving the 100m with its rider having to straighten his mount.

REMBRANDT (B Huppatz) – Raced wide throughout.

SNIP OF MAGIC (T O’Donnell) – Bumped at the 600m and raced wide throughout.

Race 7: Lasseters Handicap 1600 metres

BEST A MAN CAN GET (W Kerford) – Was declared a late scratching at 12.21pm after trainer L Gillett advised that the gelding had swelling to its off fore leg.

FRENCH TUSSON (C Spry) – Slow to begin. Raced wide throughout.

ZOOM LAD (K Gladwin) – Bumped at the start. Raced wide for the majority of the event.

STRATIGRAPHY (N Rose) – Bumped at the start.

DESERT LADY (S Ridler) – Under pressure from the 600m and yielded ground from thereon. Trainer C Cook subsequently advised that the mare had returned to the stables with an elevated temperature and was showing signs of the onset of a virus.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners and PRINCE HARADA (R6). Pre race samples were taken from all runners engaged in race 6.


Race 1: Trainer W Savage fined $100 for presenting RONDA PARADISE without its approved gear – AR140A(2)

Race 2: Trainer L Walling-Denton fined $100 for presenting WANA DECISION without its approved gear – AR140A(2)

Race 4: Jockey K Gladwin was suspended for 5 NT meetings for careless riding – AR137(a)

Race 1: LADY FLEETFOOT must barrier trial prior to racing again

Race 4: DISCO requires a veterinary clearance

Race 4: CANDLESTICKS must barrier trial prior to racing again

Stewards Reports

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