Saturday, 10th June 2017

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True Position
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), R Hamilton, L Jackson
Deputy Stewards: S Copelin, T Schroter (Assistant to the Stewards), L Ross (Clerk of Scales)
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 47
Stakes Paid: $112,500

Race 1: 0-64 HCP 1300M

CASH LEAKAGE (S Ridler) – Steadied passing the 700m.

AUTMED (V Arnott) – Rider reported that her mount commenced to resent the kickback passing the 900m and yielded ground from thereon. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

ANOTHER MAN'S GAIN (C Spry) – Bounded at the start.

GIRL HAPPY (R Vigar) – Raced without cover in running.

BACHELOR PAD(NZ) (K Cross) – Raced wide throughout.

Race 2 - TROBIS 3-Y-O CLASS 5 HCP 1200M

Correct weight was delayed to allow jockey J Todd to view the patrol films of the home straight to ascertain whether he had grounds for an objection. No further action was necessary.

CHA CHANG (B Davis) – Lay outwards in running and consequently raced wide throughout. Trainer G Clarke advised that he would race the gelding in a Norton bit in an attempt to rectify its racing manner.

HALOGEM (J Todd) – Slow into stride. Held up and impeded from heels rounding the home turn.

HARLEQUIN BELLS (W Davis) – Shifted considerable ground outwards when ridden along in the straight. Rider was admonished for not making sufficient effort to straighten his mount.

LATEST BENTLEY (R Booth) – A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be lame in the near fore suspensory. Trainer N Dyer was advised that he must present a vet clearance for the gelding prior to trialling or racing again.

Race 3 - BM76 HCP 1100M

ACTION AGAIN (R Booth) – Returned with a laceration to the near hind pastern.

BEDISGUISED (Z Gibbs) – Commenced awkwardly.

LADY PHROMILY (J Todd) – Bounded at the start.

LAGO GIRL (C Spry) – Commenced awkwardly.

KISS THE CONDOR (B Davis) – Lay outwards in running.

Race 4 – 0 - 58 HCP 1300M

MERVEILLE (R Oakford) – Carried outwards and impeded passing the 1200m.

OUR SWAGMAN (R Booth) – Commenced to resent the kickback through the middle stages and yielded ground from thereon. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

FIRST DRAFT (B Davis) – Slow into stride.

BENGALI (P Shiers) – Raced keenly in the early stages.

SHOGUN'S REIGN (C Spry) – Raced wide throughout.

WICKED PROMISE (Z Gibbs) – Steadied when racing keenly passing the 700m.  Raced wide on straightening.

MALIBU RAIN (S Ridler) – Returned with blood in its mouth. Raced wide from the 600m.

BELLA GIULIETTA (R Vigar) – Slow into stride. Cast the near fore plate in running.

Race 5 - BM54 HCP 1100M

KING KAZOU (R Oakford) – Crowded and tightened for room shortly after the start.

EVA'S DAY (V Arnott) – Veered outwards at the start.

SECOND BASE (K Cross) – Raced wide from the 700m.

SHUUMATSU (P Shiers) – Bounded at the start and crowded shortly after.

INTERWOVEN (C Spry) – Raced wide throughout.

Race 6 - CLASS 2 HCP 1000M

YULARA DRIVE (P Shiers) – Bumped at the start.

MARY'S RED ROSE (S Ridler) – Returned with blood in its mouth. Rider accidentally dropped his whip passing the 200m.

SASSY RHONDA (J Todd) – Bumped at the start and crowded shortly after.


Swab samples were taken from all winners. Pre race samples were taken from PUZZLED PRINCESS, SECOND BASE, MERVEILLE, ACTION AGAIN, HARLEQUIN BELLS & ANOTHER MAN’S GAIN.


Race 1: Trainer G Clarke fined $100 for presenting ONE FASTER without its approved gear - AR140A(2)

Race 2: Jockey J Todd fined $100 for a whip breach – AR137A(5)(a)(ii)






Race 2: LATEST BENTLEY – lame near fore suspensory (vet cert)

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

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