Saturday 13th February

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), L Twomey, R Hamilton, A Napier, L Jackson
Deputy Stewards: S Copelin (Deputy), Z Gooden (Deputy), L Ross (Clerk of Scales)
Number of Races: 5
Number of Runners: 27
Stakes Paid: $67,100

Race 1: 0 - 64 Handicap 1000m

General: Race 1 at DTC meeting 6/2/16.

Trainer Mr C spry advised that after discussions with connections he intends to effect gear changes on KING KEV in an effort to improve its competitiveness.

PLEASURE OR PAIN (W Davis) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that the gelding is better suited when able to dictate the pace when leading but due to being challenged for the lead today his mount was under pressure prior to straightening and did not finish the race off as anticipated. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

DASH ABOUT (R Oakford) – Slow into stride.

SHINING MANE (F Bergstrand) – Raced wide throughout.  Lay inwards in the straight forcing the rider to stop riding and straighten her mount at the 200m. 

Race 2: 0 – 76 Handicap 1000m

General: Prior to the race Stewards interviewed trainer Mr G Clarke in relation to the riding instructions he intended to give each jockey bearing in mind his stable had all runners in the event.  All runners were ridden accordingly. 

NEAT FEAT (R Oakford) – Raced wide throughout. 

Race 3: 0 - 70 Handicap 1100m

HE’S COMMANDING (W Davis) – Bumped at the start. 

FLYING SOLO (R Rhodes) – Raced wide through out. 

BOMBER BROWN (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

Race 4: Class B Handicap 1100m

The start of this race was delayed due to VIA MAZZINI being presented to race without it's approved gear.  

OLD TOM (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly. 

MIRKA (F Bergstand) – Commenced awkwardly.  Rider reported that her mount had a tendency to lay out in running, which in her opinion was attributed to the mare having its first start on the track and having previously raced in a clockwise direction. 

SHEZA DARK HORSE (V Arnott) – was declared a late scratching at 3.02pm on veterinary advice after the filly sustained an injury to the near hip in a floating mishap. As betting had not yet commenced no deductions applicable.

Race 5: 0 - 58 Handicap 1300m

LEAN ‘N’ MEAN (S Ridler) – Bumped with another runner at the 650m.

GIRLS AWAY (B Davis) – Returned having lost it’s off fore plate. 

OCTARAJA (M Tyndall) – Commenced awkwardly. 

GOLD ZAC (R Rhodes) – Raced wide through out.  Bumped with another runner at the 650m. 


Swab samples were taken from all winners, pre race samples were taken from ON YOUR WAY, GOLD ZAC and GIRLS AWAY

Summary fines

Race 4: Trainer P Gardner was fined $100 for presenting VIA MAZZINI with incorrect gear (AR 140A)

Race 4: Jockey R Oakford was fined $100 for using his whip consecutively and on 2 additional occasions than permitted prior to the 100m.

Race 5: Jockey R Rhodes was fined $300 for using his whip consecutively and 4 additional occasions than permitted prior to the 100m (won the race)


Race 1: Jockey S Ridler – was cautioned under AR 137A(4)(a) for using his whip forward of the shoulder on MCKENNA.




Race 4: SHEZA DARK HORSE – Veterinary Certificate

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

Next Racing

19.08.2017 TBC
Alice Springs (Truckies Day)
25.08.2017 TBC
Adelaide River
26.08.2017 TBC
02.09.2017 TBC
Alice Springs
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