Saturday 1st April

Track: Good
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), M Hurley, B Lysaght, B Watling
Deputy Stewards: Officials: N Westover Clerk of the Scales: A Korman Judge/Asst Judge: C Flattum
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 49
Stakes Paid: $101,000

Race 1 Territory Pest Control Plate 1000 metres

Prior to this race, Stewards interviewed trainer T Gillett in regards to his riding instructions he intended to give each rider bearing in mind he had multiple runners. Mr Gillett advised that as they are all having their first race start, he would be relying on the rider’s feedback as to how they performed in this event.

PALACE SNIP (M Hart) – commenced slow into stride bumping with another runner.

RAZOR RACING (C Spry) – Commenced awkwardly, raced greenly into the first turn getting its head up whilst laying outwards. Was found to have bled from its off-side nostril. Trainer advised of his obligations under AR53A(7)

SIR RANI (F Bergstrand) – Dipped on jumping.

IRON LOTUS (K Brooks) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

Race 2: Ladbrokes Members Cup Handicap 1200 metres

LADY PHROMILY (R Vigar) – Rider reprimanded for failing to ride his mount out to the line.

RHYTHM OF CUBA (B Huppatz) – Restricted for room in-between runners over the concluding stages.

ORION (F Bergstrand) – Fractious in the barriers and commenced awkwardly unbalancing its rider.

Race 3: Alice in the Territory Handicap 1200 metres

ROYAL CHOICE (W Kerford) – Bumped with another runner at the 150m.

MULTIZONE (F Bergstrand) – Was found to have bled from both nostrils. Trainer advised of her obligations under AR53A(4)(b).

TEQUILA RED (C Spry) – Commenced slow into stride and bumped with another runner at the 150m.

WILD RUN (S Ridler) – Fractious in the barriers and commenced awkwardly. Steadied off heels at the 900m.

Race 4: 8HA Handicap 1200 metres

POET’S CHOICE (F Bergstrand) – Steadied off heels about the 900m.

ASH GREY (C Spry) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. After performing poorly, a post-race examination revealed no apparent abnormalities.

RAZOR TIME (R Vigar) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped with another runner.

SIMBELATION (B Davis) – Commenced slow into stride and raced wide throughout.

EMPTYYAPOCKETS (K Brooks) – Bumped with runner on jumping.

MALIBU RAIN (S Ridler) – Commenced awkwardly and tightened between runners

Race 5: Royal Flying Doctors Handicap 1100 metres

VIA MAZZINI (S Altieri) – Bumped with runner on jumping.

RAFFINATE (M Hart) – Raced wide throughout with no cover.

CASINO JAKE (M Tyndall) – On arriving at the barriers, underwent a veterinary examination after hitting the outside running rail entering onto the track. Warning imposed after being unruly in the mounting yard.

ESTAMBUL THIRTEEN (B Huppatz) – Attempted to get down in the barriers just as start effected and subsequently lost some ground.

REMEMBER RAZOR (C Spry) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

RAZOR BURN (R Vigar) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

STRUTTIN MY STUFF (W Kerford) – Bumped with runner on jumping and momentarily tightened between runners losing some ground.

Race 6: Imparja Television Handicap 1600 metres

PRETTY BLONDE (R Vigar) – Bumped with runner shortly after jumping.

MOON DEVIL (B Davis) – Bounded out of the barriers.

HAMMERED ART (C Spry) – Raced keenly in the early stages of the event.

PERESSINI (P Denton) – Inclined to lay inwards under pressure down the length of the straight.

STRATIGRAPHY (W Kerford) – Bumped with runner shortly after the start.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners.


All riders were breath-tested for alcohol.

A number of riders were selected for urine samples.







Race 2 R Vigar


Race 4 R Vigar $100 AR137A(5)(a)(i) whip breach.

D Westover

Stewards Reports

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