Saturday 31st December

Track: Good
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), L Twomey, R Hamilton, L Jackson
Deputy Stewards: L Ross (Clerk of Scales)
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 42
Stakes Paid: $100,000

Race 1: Trobis 3 Year Old Benchmark 54 Handicap 1100m

FLAMES OF LIFE (K Gladwin) – Commenced awkwardly. Rider reported that his mount felt distressed after competing. He explained that the gelding had worked itself up in the preliminary and in his opinion this may have attributed to this post race condition. The Club veterinarian monitored the gelding’s post race recovery and reported no abnormalities. Trainer C Spry subsequently reported that the gelding has recovered from the race without incident.

A LITTLE SKILLED (L Stojakovic) – Following a minor stable mishap, the filly underwent a veterinary examination upon arrival on course and was cleared to compete. Commenced awkwardly. A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to have an elevated heart rate.

RAZOR BURN (R Vigar) – Fractious prior to the start. A post race veterinary examination revealed the filly to have an elevated heart rate and was lame in the near fore leg. Trainer T Gillett was advised that he must present a veterinary certificate of soundness for the filly prior to racing again.

WREAKED (K Brooks) – Raced wide throughout.

Race 2 – Benchmark 54 Handicap 1300m

RONN'S MOSS (R Oakford) – When questioned rider expressed disappointment in the performance in that whilst his mount had travelled without cover in running the gelding was under pressure prior to straightening and failed to finish off the race as anticipated. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

ROYALS (K Gladwin) – Bounded at the start losing ground. Cast its off fore plate in running and returned lame in that leg.

DANCING BOY (L Stojakovic) – Trainer P Cole reported a pre race condition and after undergoing a veterinary examination the gelding was cleared to compete.

ARRAYANES (K Brooks) – Commenced awkwardly.

Race 3 - Weight For Age 1300m

Stewards interviewed trainer K Petrick in regards to the riding instructions she intended to give each jockey as her stable had 3 runners in the event.

GOLD BUNDLE (M Tyndall) – Plating change of front bars off was disseminated on race morning.

KAYNO (R Vigar) – Cast its near hind plate in running.

KING KEV (K Brooks) – Lay outwards rounding the first turn and raced wide on straightening.

NEAT FEAT (R Oakford) – Rider reported his mount had a tendency to lay outwards in running.

Race 4 - Maiden Plate 1200m

Stewards interviewed trainer P Cole in regards to the riding instructions he intended to give each jockey as his stable had 3 runners in the event.

CHICO BUBBLES (M Tyndall) – Lay outwards in the early and middle stages and shifted ground inwards on straightening when being corrected hampering another runner.

LE DEZALEY (F Bergstrand) – Dipped at the start and raced wide throughout.

MIGHTY TAX (L Stojakovic) – Bumped on the hindquarter by another runner and became unbalanced near the 600m.

SHINSKY (K Gladwin) – Slow to muster early speed.

THE ROUGH DIAMOND (S Altieri) – Shifted outwards and away from another and bumped near the 600m.

TYPHOON TREV (B Huppatz) – Got its head in the air rounding the first turn. Crowded for room and impeded near the 250m.

CAPTAIN ARCHIE (R Vigar) – Bumped and unbalanced between runners near the 600m.

General: On inquiry it was established that near the 600m THE ROUGH DIAMOND shifted outwards and away from CHOCO BUBBLES resulting in CAPTAIN ARCHIE being bumped onto MIGHTY TAX.

Race 5 - 0 - 70 Handicap 1200m

PHOENIX ARIZONA(NZ) (K Brooks) – Slow into stride. Steadied near the 650m.

HARREBS TIME (S Altieri) – Steadied from heels when laying outwards near the 650m.

MULTIZONE (F Bergstrand) – Lay outwards in running and bumped with another runner approaching the 700m.

WOOGIE (R Vigar) – Knuckled at the start. Bumped inwards by another runner approaching the 700m.

Race 6 - 0 - 70 Handicap 1600m

Stewards interviewed trainer G Clarke in regards to the riding instructions he intended to give each jockey as his stable had 3 runners in the event.

MORE THAN FRANK (F Bergstrand) – Commenced awkwardly.

HEY CHARLIE (L Stojakovic) – Raced wide from the 700m.


Post race samples were taken from all winners. Pre race samples were taken from RAZOR BURN, MY COLLEAGUE, NEAT FEAT, MOUSSAMBANI, HARREBS TIME & AMADEO.


Race 5 – Trainer T Halter for use of Club Colours $20 (NT121)


Race 1 – RAZOR BURN vet clearance required

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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