Saturday 4th June 2016

Track: Good 3
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), L Twomey, R Hamilton, A Napier
Deputy Stewards: S Copelin (Deputy), Z Gooden (Deputy), L Ross (Clerk of Scales)
Number of Races: 7
Number of Runners: 45
Stakes Paid: $109,500

Race 1: 0-58 Handicap 1000m

OH SO JAZZY (B. Huppatz) – Lay outwards rounding the first turn and as a result was checked to avoid heels losing ground.

DILUVIUM (R. Vigar)- Raced wide throughout.

EMPRESS O’REILLY (V. Arnott) – Bumped at the start.

EVIL MISS (B. Davis) – Bumped at the start.

EXPORT QUALITY (R. Pearson) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped. Raced ungenerously in the early and middle stages

General: Trainer L Lefoe, through her representative, was fined the sum of $500 for negligence in allowing EMPRESS O’REILLY to race with blinkers when it was established following the event that a gear request had been approved prior to acceptance time for this gear to be removed from the mare.

Race 2 0-70 Handicap – 1000m

ZOCALOS (W. Davis) – Raced wide throughout.

ALPHABETIC (R. Vigar) – Eased when racing in restricted room between runners passing the 600m.

SPARKLING VIXEN (R. Pearson) – Slow into stride. Held up for clear running in the early stages of the straight and impeded near the 100m when shifting ground.

General: Correct weight was delayed due to a malfunction with the photo finish.

Race 3: 0 TROBIS Maiden Plate - 1200m

LEICA ROCKET (R. Oakford) – Was declared a late scratching at 8.40am when the gelding was found to be lame in the near fore.

TATAMAGOUCHE (V. Arnott) – Slow into stride. Raced wide throughout.

Race 4: Benchmark 54 Handicap (Division 1) - 1200m

KING KEV (R. Oakford) – Raced wide in the early stages until attaining the lead near the 600m.

CHALEUMEAU (P. Shiers) – Had difficulty securing clear running from on straightening until near the 100m.

MR PORTER (R. Vigar) – Steadied outwards when racing keenly near the 800m and raced wide from thereon.

COME FOLLOW ME (R. Pearson) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped. Lay outwards through running.

Race 5: Benchmark 54 Handicap (Division 2) - 1200m

HEY CHARLIE (R. Pearson) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

ROEBUCK (M. Tyndall) - Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

BLACK BURBERRY (R. Vigar) – Commenced awkwardly and was slow to muster early speed.

IN VINO VERITAS (F. Bergstrand) – Veered inwards and bumped at the start. Raced wide throughout.

Race 6: 0-64 Handicap 1600m

QUANTUM DOT (P. Shiers) – Raced wide for the majority of the event.

DANCE THE BEAT (V. Arnott) – Bumped at the start. Raced wide throughout.

RUSSIAN ROCKER (M. Tyndall) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped.

CHICA CALIENTE (B. Huppatz) – Steadied when racing keenly near the 1200m. Raced wide from the 600m and lay inwards rounding the home turn.

Race 7: Handicap 1600m

THE RUFFIAN (R. Oakford) – Knuckled at the start.

WHISTLE STOP (F. Bergstrand) – Raced wide for the majority of the event.

MINE CRAFT (M. Tyndall) – Raced wide throughout.


Swab samples were taken from all winners.


Race 1: Trainer L Lefoe fined $500 for negligence – AR175(k)

Race 2: Trainer D Bates fined $100 for presenting UMFAZI to race with incorrect gear – AR140A


Apprentice R Pearson was cautioned for not claiming down to her Minimum Riding Weight – AR92

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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