Saturday 7th April 2018

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), M Hurley, B Lysaght, R Hamilton
Deputy Stewards: Assistants to the Stewards: N Westover, M Smith
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 61
Stakes Paid: $ 118,000

Race 1  Central Australian Removals  Handicap  1200 metres

MAGNUS BAY (J Todd) – Commenced to roll outwards under pressure from the 100m.

WAS AGONA (P Denton) – Commenced awkwardly and raced wide throughout.

PRICKLES (J Lyon) –Commenced awkwardly. Steadied off heels at the 150m.

BELLONA BELLE (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly.

BARKLEY (K Gladwin) – Raced wide into the home straight.

Race 2: Red Centre Technology Partners Handicap  1200 metres

ENGINE FIFTY FIVE (J Todd) – Slow into stride.

LADWELL (W Kerford) – Fractious in the barriers. Commenced to shift ground under pressure from the 100m.

URBAN BOURBON (R Vigar) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Shifted inwards off heels at the 100m to obtain clear running.

ROUGHLY (K Gladwin) – Commenced to shift outwards under pressure from the 150m and bumped with another runner at the 100m. Rider advised that he must stop riding and straighten his mounts when they are shifting ground.

TOORAK ROAD (K Cross) – Taken outwards by another runner from the 150m and bumping at the 100m.

KILLA MOOVZ (J Lyon) – Knuckled slightly on jumping bumping with another runner.

General: Stewards questioned riders K Gladwin (ROUGHLY), K Cross (TOORAK ROAD), W Kerford (LADWELL) and R Vigar (URBON BOURBON) as to the shift outwards of runners from about the 150m. It was established that whilst ROUGHLY had commenced to shift taking TOORAK ROAD outwards, there was a separate shift outwards from LADWELL causing URBON BOURBON to shift inwards off heels. No further action was taken.

Race 3: Gap’s Kitchen Handicap  1100 metres

JAILHOUSE ROCK (J Lyon) – Steadied off heels at the 750m.

SNOWY BLACK (B Davis) – Commenced awkwardly dipping slightly.

CAN LA (P Denton) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

KIWI BOSS (K Gladwin) – Knuckled on jumping and raced wide throughout.

FROM FIFTH (J Todd) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Lay outwards down the length of the straight.

FULL MARKS (F Bergstrand) – Shifted inwards under pressure over the concluding stages.

Race 4:  Gillen Club Handicap 1000 metres

Trainer L Gillett was interviewed in regards to the riding instructions she intended to give bearing in mind she had multiple runners in the event.

SAVATOXL (L Crow) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Incline to lay inwards under pressure down the length of the straight.

PAGHMAN (J Lyon) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

RAZOR BEER (R Vigar) – Fractious behind the barriers. Commenced a little awkwardly.

RAZOR STORM (K Cross) – Commenced awkwardly and momentarily tightened between runners.

MAIDEN GRACE (F Bergstrand) – Inclined to lay outwards rounding the home turn and into the straight.

Race 5: Holdfast Insurance Brokers Handicap  1000 metres

REMBRANDT (L Crow) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

LADY PHROMILY (J Todd) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

RHYTHM OF CUBA (K Cross) – Bounded out the barriers bumping with another runner. Shifted outwards abruptly at the 200m.

HOT DEMAND (P Denton) – Slow into stride.

Race 6: Ladbrokes Handicap 1600 metres

PERESSINI (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly losing some ground.

CATCHTHERAINBOW (W Kerford) – Fractious in the barriers.

HUSSOR (L Crow) – Refused to jump with the field and lost considerable ground. Trainer advised that prior to again starting in a race, it must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards by jumping with the field.

EL GRECO (P Denton) – After a poor performance, a veterinary examination of the gelding failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities.

Correct weight for this race was delayed after Stewards viewed the head on patrol footage of the start.

General: Stewards intend to interview jockey F Bergstrand, the rider of the second placed HILLBILLY RICH in relation to the reason she failed to weigh in as required to do so immediately after dismounting in this race.

Race 7: Scope Handicap  1400m

DOON BUGGY (C Johnson) – Commenced awkwardly getting its head up.

AUSSIE JACK (R Vigar) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Raced throughout.

RECONNECT (P Denton) – Dipped shortly after jumping.

BAKER’S DOZEN (J Lyon) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners.







Race 6: HUSSOR (Barrier trial) refusing to jump with the field.


Race 6 Jockey R Vigar failing to ride his mount out to the end of the race -  AR137(b)


Race 4 Jockey R Vigar fined $500 using his whip on 9 consecutive strikes prior to the 100 - AR137A(5)(a)(i)&(ii)

Race 5: Trainer L Whittle fined $200 for negligence in presenting her runners with the incorrect saddle cloth numbers - AR175(k)

D Westover

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