Saturday 19th March

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: Truw
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), D Hensler, M Hurley, B Lysaght, B Watling
Deputy Stewards: Officials: L Spicer, N Westover Clerk of the Scales: A Korman Judge/Asst Judge: C Flattum, Z Butcher
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 41
Stakes Paid: $64,500

Race 1 B & S Home Timber & Hardware Handicap 1200 metres

MAYBE JUST MAYBE (W Kerford) – Cantankerous in the enclosure prior to the race and as a result the bit lifter carried by the gelding broke and it subsequently raced without this gear.

DANGER MOUSE (K Gladwin) – Shifted ground outwards under pressure in the straight.

PHERENICE (B Huppatz) – Commenced awkwardly and lost ground.

General: Stewards questioned trainer Mrs L Lefoe as to the reason she had presented DANGER MOUSE to race with a tongue tie when this gear was not advertised. It was established that Mrs Lefoe had submitted an application to include this gear minutes prior to acceptance time which was confirmed by RA records, but she had not contacted the Stewards for approval as required by NT regulations. As the gear change had been submitted to improve the gelding’s tractability, given the circumstances Stewards permitted DANGER MOUSE to race with the tongue tie but Mrs Lefoe was fined $200 for negligence.

Race 2: Povey Stirk Plate 1200 metres

BIANCONIS SON (G Watson) – Slow into stride. Momentarily tightened for room near the 350m.

CAPITOLINE (T Gillett) – Momentarily inconvenienced between runners about the 350m.

CATTLECAMP CROONER (N Rose) – Raced wide throughout.

MEET MY BRO (D Pisani) – Bumped at the 450m.

RUPERT (Scott Westover) – Shifted out near the 450m and bumped another runner.

LADY FLEETFOOT (W Kerford) – Bumped at the start.

PASSING PARADE (M Tyndall) – Bumped at the start.

TALLAROOK (K Gladwin) – Knuckled at the start.

Race 3: 16th Cleanaway Handicap 1100 metres

MOSSAILEY (K Gladwin) – Tightened for room and steadied at the 900m.

CELESTIAL ME (B Huppatz) – Raced ungenerously in the early stages and as a result had to be angled away from heels near the 900m.

CHICKAMAUGA (M Tyndal) – Slow into stride.

General: On inquiry jockey W Kerford (STAR OF HARKAWAY) was cautioned for allowing his mount to shift inwards near the 900m resulting in MOSSAILEY (K Gladwin) being tightened for room and steadied.

Race 4: Inglis 2YO Plate 1000 metres

CHARLIE BUBBLES (K Gladwin) – Bumped heavily at the start. Raced greenly in running and wide throughout.

PURPLE PHENOMENON (N Rose) – Bumped at the start.

RAZOR TIME (S Westover) – Raced keenly in the early and middle stages getting its head in the air.

AHECKSTAR (D Pisani) – Bumped at the start.

CONTAINMENT (W Kerford) – Bumped heavily at the start.

Race 5: Mixed Lollies Handicap 1600 metres

LUNA METEOR (T Gillett) – When questioned rider was at a loss to explain the disappointing performance. A post-race veterinary examination revealed a slow recovery rate. Trainer Mrs L Gillett was advised that the gelding must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.

BEST A MAN CAN GET (S Westover) – Raced wide in the early and middle stages. Rider reported that he was of the opinion that gelding had got its tongue over the bit in running and consequently choked down and he elected to ease down over final 400m. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mrs L Gillett intends to freshen the gelding prior to racing again and will consider a gear change.

DOON BUGGY (W Kerford) – Due to a clerical error the race book inadvertently displayed that gelding was to carry blinkers.

ZOOM LAD (K Gladwin) – Steadied approaching the 1400m turn.

GOLD ZAC (D Pisani) – Commenced awkwardly. Raced wide into the first turn. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to have blood in its mouth from a dislodged tooth

Race 6: Coca-Cola Handicap 1400 metres

LADY PHROMILY (D Pisani) – Commenced awkwardly.

FLYING SOLO (S Ridler) – Bumped at the start. Impeded over the concluding stages.

IDATRICE (G Watson) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped. Raced wide throughout.

THE NIGHT SKY (W Kerford) – Slow into stride. Steadied when racing keenly approaching the 1200m. Returned with blood in its off side nostril. Trainer Mr H Welsh was advised under the provisions of AR53A(7) the mare must gallop in the presence of a Steward prior to racing again.

General: Stewards inquired into a report from the Club Veterinarian Dr S McMahon relating to an alleged incident prior to the first race involving trainer Mr S Green. After hearing evidence Mr Green pleaded guilty to a charge of improper conduct under AR175(q) in that as the trainer of MAYBE JUST MAYBE he did forcefully strike the gelding over the side of the head with a lead rope whilst it was being difficult to handle when being saddled in the stable area. He was subsequently fined the sum of $500.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners

Pre-race samples taken from: HEART OF RED, ADJUSTER

All riders were breath tested for alcohol.


Race 1: Trainer S Green was fined $500 for improper conduct – AR175(q)

Race 1: Trainer L Lefoe (DANGER MOUSE) fined $200 for negligence – AR175(k)

Race 1: Jockey B Huppatz (PHERENICE) fined $100 for using his whip on 1 extra occasion than permitted prior to the 100m – AR137A(5)(a)(ii)

Race 4: Trainer V Oldfield fined $100 for presenting CONTAINMENT without its approved gear – AR140A(2)

Race 5 Trainer L Gillett fined $100 for a late notification of rider (LUNA METEOR) - NT129

Stewards Reports

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