Tuesday 1st November

Track: Good
Penetrometer: n/a
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), L Twomey, R Hamilton, A Napier, L Jackson
Deputy Stewards: S Copelin (Deputy), L Ross (Clerk of Scales)
Number of Races: 2
Number of Runners: 20
Stakes Paid: $31,000

Race 1: 0 - 64 HCP 1600M

BRIDGEY FLYER (S Altieri) – Raced without cover in running.

MAVERICKS (C Spry) – Following the unplaced performance a post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer advised the gelding will now be sent for a spell.

HEY CHARLIE (K Brooks) – Bounded at the start.

MRS ZELTFIRE(NZ) (S Ridler) – Rider reported his mount commenced to lay outwards rounding the first turn. The mare cast it’s off fore plate in running and a post race veterinary examination revealed it to be lame in that leg. The vet also reported that the mare had a visible haematoma on the near side jugular vein which was the result of a pre race blood test.  Trainer D Leech was advised that he must present a veterinary certificate of soundness for the mare prior to racing again.

Race 2 - TROBIS 0 - 58 HCP 1300M

EXERT (V Arnott) – Yielded ground from the 1000m due to the kickback.

FARAJA (C Spry) – Bumped at the start. Raced wide throughout.

SMASHER (F Bergstrand) – Carried inwards near the 800m.

SALAMAAT (R Oakford) – Bumped at the start.

ARRAYANES (K Brooks) – Hampered at the 800m.

Prior to the commencement of race 2 there was a heavy downpour of rain on the race course. During the running of the second event there was visible surface water on the course proper. Following the race a number of senior jockeys expressed concerns with visibility and traction of their respective mounts during the event. The riding group came to a unanimous decision that the track was in an unsafe condition to continue racing.

Stewards explored a number of different options with the Track and Facilities Manager in an attempt to address the track surface but it was decided that no remedial work could be carried out in such a short timeframe to enable the meeting to proceed.

Acting under the provisions of AR8(q) the Stewards postponed the remainder of the racing programme at 3pm. Subsequently the Darwin Turf Club rescheduled the remaining 4 races to be conducted on Saturday 5 November, 2016.


Swab samples were taken from both winners. Pre race samples were taken from MAVERICKS, SOLDIER’S SECRET, MRS ZELTFIRE, AUSSIE BOB, THE SOOTHSAYER, ARRAYANES, SURROUNDED, MARWINZIG and ON YOUR WAY.


Apprentice K Brooks was fined $200 for failing to claim down to her Minimum Riding Weight (MRW) in races 1 & 2.






Race 1 – MRS ZELTFIRE will require a vet clearance

D Hensler

NT Chairman of Stewards

Stewards Reports

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