Racing Information

All thoroughbred racing Information can be found within this area by navigating your way through the series of categories that TRNT have provided for information relating to results, programming, nominations & acceptances plus a series of other industry related information that pertains to all racing jurisdictions within the Northern Territory.

Tuesday 21st November 2017

Friday, 15th September 2017

Friday, 1st September 2017

Sunday, 13th August 2017

Wednesday, 9th August 2017

Wednesday, 14th June 2017

Wednesday, 19th April 2017

Monday, 10th April 2017

Tuesday 4th April

Saturday 4th March

Tuesday 28th March

Friday, 24th March 2017

Tuesday 13th December

Tuesday 8th November

Wednesday 28th September

Tuesday 6th September

Tuesday 26th April

Thursday 12th April

Tues 15th March 2016

Tues 1st March 2016

Wednesday 17th February

Thursday 22nd October

Mon 11th October 2015

Friday 28th August

Wednesday 29th April

Wed 15th April 2015

Wed 8th April 2015

Tues 31st March 2015

Tues 24th March 2015

Wed 11th March 2015

Tues 3rd March 2015 Trial 4

Tues 3rd March 2015

Fri 23rd January 2015

Sunday 5th October

Tuesday 9th December

Sun 14th September 2014

Fri 22nd August 2014

Tues 15th April 2014

Tuesday 4th March 2014

Wednesday 25th February 2014

Wed 29th January 2014

Wed 15th January 2014

Tues 19th November 2013

Mon 28th October 2013

Tues 8th October 2013

Thurs 29th August 2013

Tues 16th June 2013

Wed 12th June 2013

Tues 21st May 2013

Fri 26th April 2013

Fri 12th April 2013

Wed 20th March 2013

Tues 5th March 2013 cont.

Tues 5th March 2013

Tues 19th February 2013

Tues 4th September 2012

Mon 16th April 2012

Wed 4th April 2012

Tues 13th March 2012

Thurs 23rd February 2012

Wed 15th Feb 2012