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About Us



Thoroughbred Racing NT (TRNT) is the principal racing authority in the Northern Territory. Bound by the Australian Rules of Racing TRNT governs, promotes and supports racing in the Northern Territory.

TRNT Off The Track is and extension of TRNT to support the welfare of the retired racehorse in the Northern Territory in life after racing.

Equine welfare is our priority throughout their racing careers and then transitioning on to life after racing. We intend to build on strong partnerships within the racing industry and the community.

TRNT Off The Tack is committed to facilitating the re homing of retired race horses thorughout the Northern Territory.

Thoroughbreds are incredibly versatile and their athleticism open opportunities outside of racing include:

Equestian pleasure such as showing, dressage, show jumping, eventing, polocrosse, western pleasure

Companion or therapy horses for the riding for the disabled

Working horses such as Clerks of the Course, stock work and police horses.




Ransom money