Saturday 21st July 2018

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), A Napier, R Hamilton, S Copelin
Deputy Stewards: P Carroll, S O’Brien (Clerk of Scales), K Hampson (Assistant to the Stewards)
Number of Races: 7
Number of Runners: 70
Stakes Paid: $323,000

Race 1: 0-62 1300m

HUSSOR (J Lyon) – Bounded at the start and lost ground.

SNOWY BLACK (B Davis) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider explained that his mount didn’t appreciate the kickback after being crossed approaching the 800m and consequently lay out through the middle stages. A post race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities.

DON’T FORGET TINY (S Tsaikos) – Lay outwards through the middle stages. Rider reported that his saddle had shifted in running.

Race 2: WFA 1200m

ARCTIC SONG (J Todd) – Raced wide from the 600m.

NEAT FEAT (B Davis) – Lay outwards through the middle stages and in the home straight. When questioned rider advised that he was unable to fully test his mount over the final 100m with the gelding laying out under pressure. A post race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities.

WHISTLE STOP (S Tsaikos) – Slow into stride. Cast the off hind plate in running.

Race 3: 0-70 1100m

LOUPPY BEND (J Maskiell) – Tightened for room and checked by its rider at the 600m.

PATRONIZING (J Lyon) – Raced wide throughout.

THE HUMMEL (R Vigar) – Returned with an abrasion to the near hind leg.

BROOKLYN (C Spry) – Impeded from heels near the 600m.

General – On inquiry jockey R Vigar (THE HUMMEL) pleaded guilty to a charge of careless riding under AR137(a) with the specifics being that approaching the 600m he permitted his mount to shift inwards when not clear resulting in LOUPPY BEND (J Maskiell) being tightened for room and checked by its rider. R Vigar had his license to ride in races suspended for a period of 2 NT meetings to commence midnight 22 July, 2018 and to expire after 1 August 2018. In addition he was fined the sum of $500.

Race 4: 0-58 1100m

EDGE OF CHAOS (M Tyndall) – Bumped inwards at the 650m. Lay inwards rounding the home turn and under pressure in the straight.

GERONIMOS SON (R Vigar) – Tightened for room and checked at the 650m.

General – Stewards inquired into the reason for GERONIMO’S SON (R Vigar) suffering interference near the 650m. It was established that B Davis (PUZZLED PRINCESS) had shifted inwards marginally approaching the  first turn and when being corrected by its rider, the mare’s hindquarters contacted with EDGE OF CHAOS (M Tyndall) which shifted in causing GERONIMO’S SON to being tightened for room and checked. Stewards were of the opinion that jockey B Davis had made sufficient effort to straighten his mount before the runners to his inside had been placed in restricted room and therefore no further action was taken.

Race 5: 0-66 1600m

FRENCH TUSSON  (R Vigar) – Raced keenly for some distance when the pace eased passing the 1200m.

Race 6: Derby 2000m

ALENTOURS (J Todd) – Tightened for room and restrained at the 650m.

BIB BLOWS (P Denton) – Yielded ground from the 500m.

COLESBERG (B El-Issa) – Trainer advised of a change of riding instruction in that he wanted the gelding ridden midfield if possible. This information was disseminated.

HILDISVINI (J Potter) – Raced wide from the 800m.

MAZZARO (R Vigar) – Fractious prior to the start. Yielded ground from the 500m.

PERFECT FOX (S Tsaikos) – Impeded from the heels of a tiring runner near the 650m and shifted outwards abruptly hampering another runner.

STRATUM ON FIRE (J Lyon) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that his mount had travelled well in running but felt awkward in its action prior to the home turn and yielded ground from thereon. A post race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities. Trainer R Laming subsequently advised that he will not continue with the gelding’s current Darwin preparation.

COVFEFE  (M Tyndall) – Compounded from the 700m.

General – COVFEFE (M Tyndall) commenced to compound near the 700m and as a result PERFECT FOX (S Tsaikos) when following was impeded from heels and shifted out abruptly resulting in ALENTOURS (J Todd) being tightened for room and restrained by its rider.

Race 7: Buntine 1900m

LIEDER (J Maskiell) – Slow into stride.

ADATTO (B El-Issa) – Raced wide throughout.

ASSERTIVE STAR  (S Tsaikos) – Commenced awkwardly.


Swab samples were taken from all winners and COLESBERG (race 6), LOTION (race 7). Pre race samples were taken from MOORE ALPHA, SNOWY BLACK, DON’T FORGET TINY, RUETTIGER, SACAMBAYA, AUSSIE JACK, BROOKLYN and all runners in race 6.


Race 3 – Trainer D Leech was fined $100 for presenting PATRONIZING with the incorrect gear AR140

Race 3 – Jockey R Vigar fined $500 for careless riding AR137(a)

Race 5 – Trainer K Petrick was fined $100 for presenting INWOOD with the incorrect gear AR140

Race 6 – Jockey J Maskiell was fined $200 for making a celebratory gesture prior to his mount passing the winning post AR137(b)





Race 3 – Jockey R Vigar suspended for 2 NT meetings for careless riding

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D Hensler

Chairman of Stewards

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