Saturday 3rd March 2018

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), D Hensler, M Hurley, B Lysaght
Deputy Stewards: W Preston, D Lillis N Westover, M Smith
Number of Races: 5
Number of Runners: 41
Stakes Paid: $ 82,000

Race 1  Federal Sports Clubs’ Handicap  1200 metres 

URBAN BOURBON (R Hancock) – Raced wide throughout.

HALOGEM (W Kerford) – Slow into stride. Lost ground at the 600m after rider had to take hold to avoid the heels of another runner.

CAT’S ALLEY (F Bergstrand) – Rolled in slightly at the 600m.After a disappointing performance, a veterinary examination revealed the mare to have sustained injuries to both front frogs. Trainer K Lamprecht was advised that prior to the mare again starting in a race, a veterinary certificate of soundness satisfactory to the Stewards must be produced.

MY GIDDY AUNT (K Cross) – Fractious in the barriers. Impeded for clear running entering into the straight.

General: Stewards inquired into an incident at the 600m after HALOGEM (W Kerford) lost ground. Evidence was taken from W Kerford and F Bergstrand (CAT’S ALLEY). It was established that HALOGEM had shifted outwards slightly when attempting a run along the inside of CAT’S ALLEY causing its rider to take hold to avoid the heels of CAT’S ALLEY which had shifted in slightly at that time. Stewards were of the view that the shift from HALOGEM was the main factor of the incident and therefor took no further action.

Race 2: Asbuild Handicap  1200 metres

NORDIC ECLIPSE (J Lyon) – Bumped on jumping. Obliged to race wide throughout. Trainer advised that the early fast speed of the race and racing wide throughout did not suit the gelding, and about the 400m when angled inwards behind runners began to yield ground when resenting the kickback. Trainer further advised that the gelding pulled up well.

ST CAJETAN (R Hancock) – Faulted in its action post race and a subsequent veterinary examination revealed a serious near fore tendon injury.

ENGINE FIFTY FIVE (R Vigar) – Knuckled slightly on jumping.

ALPHA SON (L Crow) – Bumped on jumping.

PARTING SHOT (J Todd) – Underwent a veterinary examination behind the barriers after being kicked by another runner and was subsequently passed fit to start. Steadied off heels at the 600m when angling inwards for clear running.

Race 3: KFC 3YO  Handicap  1100 metres

SORRY I AM RAZOR (F Bergstrand) – Lay outwards rounding the home turn and as a result was impeded for clear running behind runners and continued to lay outwards when tested with the whip over the concluding stages.

RAZOR SKIRT (J Lyon) – Slow into stride.

Race 4:  Club Eastside  Handicap 1100 metres

LADWELL (W Kerford) – Fractious in the barriers.

CONISTON SAFARI (C Spry) – After pulling up quickly after the event, a post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities.

OMBROMANI (P Denton) – Bumped on several occasions with another runner on jumping. Inclined to lay outwards rounding the home turn and down the length of the straight. A subsequent veterinary examination of the gelding failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities.

SHAMPERS (L Crow) – Commenced awkwardly.

RIGHT HERE (F Bergstrand) – Raced wide throughout.

REASSIGNMENT (K Cross) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

BARKLEY (J Todd) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

FREDERATION (R Hancock) – Raced wide throughout. 

Race 5: Ostojic Group Handicap  1400 metres

PRIMEIRO Was declared a late scratching at 3:13pm by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice.

Whilst being saddled, trainer noticed blood in the left nostril of the mare and immediately alerted the veterinary surgeon who after examination declared the runner a late scratching. Trainer G Connor explained that the mare had been transported to the race course and surmised that it may have struck its head enroute.

MCKENNA (W Kerford) – Inclined to race keenly in the early stages of the event.

HUSSOR (J Lyon) – Knuckled slightly on jumping and raced wide throughout.

HEART OF RED (C Spry) – Inclined to race keenly in the early stages of the event.

SWIVET (L Crow) – Commenced a little slow into stride.

INGENIOUS (F Bergstrand) – Commenced awkwardly.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners.












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