Sunday 3rd June

Track: Good
Penetrometer: N/A
Weather: Fine
Rail: True
Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), B Lysaght,
Deputy Stewards: W Preston (Deputy) Assistants to the Stewards: N Westover, M Smith Clerk of the Scales: M Hurley, R Hamilton
Number of Races: 6
Number of Runners: 42
Stakes Paid: $99,500

General: As jockey J Lyon was indisposed due to illness, Stewards approved the following riding changes:


Race 2 MODERNA’S ARROW - B Huppatz


Race 5 HECTIC - C Spry

Jockey J Lyon was advised he must present a medical clearance prior to race riding again.

Race 1  Peter Kittle Motor Company Handicap 1200m

COLDROCK (R Vigar) – Steadied off heels close to the finish.

FIRE ‘N’ VICE (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly.

KENTUCKY FIREBALL (C Spry) – Bumped with another runner on jumping. Inconvenienced for clear running at the top of the straight.

VIA MAZZINI (K Gladwin) – Inclined to lay outwards under pressure down the length of the straight.

DANCING POETESS (C Johnson) – Knuckled on jumping and raced wide throughout the event.

PRIMEIRO (L Crow) – Slow into stride bumping with another runner on jumping

Race 2: Gallagher Maiden Plate  1200m

Stewards interviewed trainer L Gillett in relation to the riding instructions she intended to issue bearing in mind she had multiple runners in this event.

The start time of this race was delayed several minutes due to a runner having to be resaddled behind the barriers.

IT’S NOT TRUMP (C Spry) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

MODERNA’S ARROW (B Huppatz) – Commenced awkwardly and raced wide throughout. 

PAUSINI (L Crow) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

MAC ‘N’ RAZOR (J Todd) – Bumped and restricted for room in-between runners on jumping.

ON A GOOD NOTE (C Johnson) – Resaddled behind the barriers. Raced wide throughout.

Race 3: Colemans Printing Handicap  1000m

Stewards interviewed trainer W Savage in relation to the riding instructions he intended to issue bearing in mind he had multiple runners in this event.

Due to the delay in the previous race, TABCorp Control amended the start time of the event from 3.03pm to 3.08pm without any consultation with the Chief Steward and as a result the race started at 3.04:20pm. An investigation has been initiated by TRNT into this matter.

LADY PHROMILY (J Todd) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

SHAMPERS (R Vigar) – Commenced awkwardly bumping with another runner. Inclined to over race in the early stages.

Race 4:  B&S Home Timber & Hardware Handicap (Div 1) 1000 metres

BONSAI BOY (R Vigar) – Raced wide throughout.

PACO EXPRESS (W Kerford) – Raced wide throughout.

BETH ROSE (J Todd) – Commenced awkwardly.

PAROUSIA (C Johnson) – Commenced awkwardly. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to be lame in the near fore. Trainer R Bell was advised that prior to again starting in a race or trial, a veterinary certificate of soundness satisfactory to the Stewards must be produced. Trainer subsequently advised that the mare would now be retired from racing

Race 5: B&S Home Timber & Hardware Handicap (Div 2)  1000 metres

HECTIC (C Spry) – Commenced awkwardly and raced wide into the home straight.

SHINING MANE (J Todd) – Inclined to lay inwards under pressure over the final 100m.

JONNY AKHATON (B Huppatz) – Commenced a little awkward on jumping.

MAN WITH A PLAN (W Kerford) – Slow into stride.

Race 6: Ladbrokes Cash in Handicap 1400 metres

MCKENNA (W Kerford) – Inclined to over-race in the early and middle stages of the event.

DOON BUGGY (B Huppatz) – Reared on jumping.

CATCHTHERAINBOW (C Johnson) – Commenced awkwardly.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners. Pre-race sample taken from BON JET, HECTIC, REMBRANDT, MAC ‘N’ RAZOR, DUVET, BETH ROSE






Race 4 – Jockey C Johnson $100 accepting a ride for which he was found to be overweight AR120(b)


Race 4 – PAROUSIA – vet clearance (lame near fore)

D Westover

Alice Springs Chief Steward

Stewards Reports

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