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Posted by Chairman of Stewards

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Important notice to TRNT licensees


The TRNT Board recently approved the following amendments to Local Rules NT85 and NT109. These are effective 1 May 2022.


NT85     No person can be indentured as an apprentice unless they meet the following requirements:

  1. have reached 16 years of age
  2. have completed a Certificate III in Racing (Trackwork Rider)

NT85A   An indentured apprentice may only be granted a Permit to ride in races after:

  1. the apprentice has ridden in at least (15) barriers trials to the satisfaction of the Stewards;
  2. the apprentice is deemed competent by the Stewards to commence race riding;
  3. the apprentice has demonstrated that they can ride at a suitable minimum riding weight (MRW)

NT85B  The four (4) year term of the indentures will commence from the date the apprentice is given a permit to ride in races.




(2) Provided that at all meetings covered by TAB the following shall apply;

(a) In a race with only 5 acceptors no withdrawal will be permitted without the express approval of the Stewards and a $500 scratching fee may be imposed if the application to withdraw is not supported by a veterinary certificate;

(b) Trainers must notify the Stewards as soon as practicable after any injury/lameness or disability is detected which may require an acceptor to be scratched and a failure to do so may result in a $500 scratching fee being imposed;

(c) If a trainer accepts for a horse which is subsequently scratched and in the opinion of the Stewards the trainer knew or should have known at acceptance time that the horse was unlikely to start, a $500 scratching fee may be imposed,


TRNT – Chairman of Stewards

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