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About Us

Mission Statement

To provide independent, strong and united leadership in the development and enhancement of the Thoroughbred Racing Industry, which will lead to the maintenance of confidence in the integrity of the industry, improvement in its competitive position and increased financial returns to constituent stakeholders

Background: Prior to 1995 the Territory had two principal clubs - Darwin and Alice Springs Turf Club. Both were members of the Australian Conference of Principal Clubs, now known as Racing Australia.

In 1995, the Australian Racing Board, as it was known then, after a review of membership and voting rights, decided that only one Principal Club could represent the Territory. That role went to the Darwin Turf Club. The Darwin Turf Club delegated its principal club powers to the Alice Springs Turf Club for racing conducted from Tennant Creek and south. This gave Alice Springs the power to oversee clubs and meetings in the southern half of the Northern Territory, but removed its representation from national level.

In September 2003, the then Minister for Racing Syd Stirling announced that the Principal Club structure in the NT was to be revamped, with both the ASTC and DTC managed Principal Clubs being replaced by a single more representative structure.

In late January 2004, the Minister finalised his consultation and announced the new structure and how the representatives would be elected/appointed. Expressions of interest were called for the positions of Chairman and Country Representative and the DTC and ASTC were asked to make their nominations for the Board.

On 1 April 2004, the Minister announced the members of the new Northern Territory Racing Authority and the Board held its first meeting the next day.

Although this body came into being on 1 April 2004, it took a considerable amount of time for it to become registered as an Association in its own right. The new Principal Club, Thoroughbred Racing NT (TRNT) which only came into effect on 28 October 2005.