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Off The Track

TRNT Off The Track Registration

TRNT Off The Track encourages the completion of the registristration form below for all retired racehorses. 

The completion of this form is incredibly important to upholding the traceability of Thoroughbreds in our national system. Registered horses will also have the opportunity to attend Off The Track clinics and events held by clubs. A Certificate of ownership will be forwarded to you following the completetion of this form. 


By completing this registration form your racehorses may also be eligible for an Aftercare Package, which will include the following:

  • Three bags of feed (there is no restriction to the type of feed selected, but the amount must not exceed $160.00) 
  • Hygain Supplement package valued at $350

To be eligible for an Aftercare Package the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. The horse must have raced within the Northern Territory.
  2. The horse must have been trained  and directly retired from a licensed Thoroughbred Racing NT Trainer.
  3. The horse must retire to a new stable address located within the Northern Territory. 
  4. The horse must be newly retired from racing (within the last three months).


Should you have any questions please contact


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Previous Owner or Trainer (if known)

New Ownership

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