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Integrity matters

The maintenance of the integrity and fairness of the Racing Industry is paramount to ensuring the confidence and support of the public and participants who support the Industry. In an industry dependant upon the public wagering upon the outcome of races, it is imperative that racing is conducted upon a level playing field and that the outcome of these races is determined through honest means.

Through the provision of extensive and secure sample collection and drug testing procedures, along with the investigative and judicial powers exercised through the Stewards and Investigators, TRNT takes a pro-active approach to maintaining the highest levels of integrity in the Racing Industry.

Stipendiary Stewards

Paramount in the regulation, control and supervision of racing are the TRNT stewards panel.

It is the Stewards' task to ensure that the Rules of Racing are adhered to, and to investigate, determine and where necessary, penalise any breaches of the Rules. The Stewards are responsible for the conduct of race meetings throughout the Territory in addition to the conduct of all persons registered in varying capacities in the various racing clubs and there jurisdictions.

Vital in ensuring the confidence of industry participants and industry supporters, are the drug testing procedures established by the Stewards. These procedures are based upon the highest levels of security to ensure the integrity of samples taken, and thus the confidence of the industry. Through a vigilant and extensive approach to drug testing, combined with serious consequences for positive results, the Stewards are able to actively ensure that racing is conducted fairly and manifestly so. In so doing, the Stewards ensure that the confidence of supporters is maintained.