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Off The Track

Welfare Commitment

Thoroughbred Racing NT (TRNT) is the principal racing authority in the Northern Territory. Bound by the Australian Rules of Racing, TRNT governs, promotes, and supports racing in the Northern Territory.

Off The Track is an extension of TRNT and aims to support the welfare of racehorses in their life after racing. TRNT Off The Track is strongly committed to the welfare of all Thoroughbreds, both during and after racing. Leading welfare practices have been developed to support the care of our racehorses and aid with their transition into retirement. Additionally, we intend to build on strong partnerships within the racing industry and the community.

During 2023, a total figure of 123 horses within the Northern Territory were retired from racing. TRNT Off The Track recognizes that 49% of horses retired in the NT were re-homed interstate. Trainers in the NT understand that re-homing horses interstate can provide better support for their welfare and well-being.  This is largely due to weather conditions, as some horses within the NT can develop anhidrosis, which impacts their ability to sweat. Horses that develop this condition can be re-homed down south to a cool climate and completely recover from anhidrosis. Additionally, more re-trainers are available down south, which can ensure the horse is provided education before re-homing.


TRNT Off The Track are proud to have provided the following assistance to retured racehorses during 2023-

  • Transport Subsidy was increased to $500 and assisted in the cost of transporting Thoroughbreds to their retirement home. During 2023, thirty-nine horses received access to the transport subsidy.
  • Horses retired within the Northern Territory are able to access a nutrition consultation, three bags of feed and a Hygain supplement package. TRNT Off The Track provided these items to thirty horses last year.
  • The Equine Education Grant was announced on the 1st of November. The grant provided eligible Thoroughbreds with a $250 grant to assist in the cost of lessons or re-training. Within the space of two months, seventeen horses were able to access this grant.
  • TRNT Off The Track provided sponsorship and prizes to eleven local equestrian clubs, along with sponsorship for another eleven education clinics.
  • Event sponsorship was provided to the Alice Springs Show, Katherine Show and Darwin Royal Show.
  • TRNT Off The Track also provided funding to support young riders competing as part of the Pony Club NT Prince Phillip Games and Equestrian NT Interschool team.
  • In total, almost 70k was spent by TRNT Off The Track to support the retired racehorse community. 


Please view the TRNT Off The Track Vision 2022-2024 for more information regarding our welfare comittements.