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Off The Track

Program Information

In addition to our efforts to support local clubs and trainers, the following provisions have been introduced by TRNT Off The Track to enhance equine welfare. For further information about our subsidies and care packages please contact


TRNT Off The Track Rehoming Package

TRNT Off The Track and Hygain are offering a rehoming pack. When a horse has been rehomed in the NT, Hygain will supply to the new owner at no charge a selection of feed. TRNT Off The Track believes that the vast range of Hygain and Mitavite feed products ensures an ideal fit for any horses transitioning from full race feeds to one that promotes high fat cool energy. Thoroughbreds may at times require different feeds to sustain the nutritional balance required and Hygain is happy to support with a feeding regime that best suits individual thoroughbreds.


In addition, to feed, the package also includes Hygain supplements specifically selected for retired racehorses within the NT. The supplement package is valued at $350.00 and is again provided at no charge to the owner.

If you are interested in re-homing an Off The Track Thoroughbred within the NT or would like further information about or care package, please email



 TRNT Off The Track Float Subsidy 

TRNT Off The Track would like to announce that a float subsidy is now being offered for horses that are being rehomed outside of Northern Territory. We understand that not all horses are able to be re-homed here in the Territory and the need for them to travel to cooler climate is necessary for their welfare.float

Float Subsidy Terms and conditions

Float subsidies will only be paid on the following conditions:-

Horses retiring out of the Northern Territory that are being rehomed to an approved retrainer or home. The application for the subsidy MUST be organised with TRNT Off The Track before the horse is transported.

Horses that are being transported by a registered float company (and an invoice is raised for the amount of $250 + GST). The invoice to be sent to TRNT Off The Track, with the remaining portion to be paid by the current registered owners or an agreement between trainer and owners has been reached.

No horses leaving the Northern Territory for the purpose of breeding will be eligible for the TRNT Off The Track float subsidy.



The traceability of Thoroughbreds post-racing is crucial to the provision of whole-life support. The accurate recording of a horse’s location during retirement enables TRNT Off The Track to provide greater welfare provisions. HorseRecords hashr kindly partnered with TRNT Off The Track in an effort to improve the traceability of retired horses. Upon the rehoming of a Thoroughbred, new owners are contacted and encouraged to register for HorseRecords for free.

This system allows the owner to record the horse’s veterinary history, performance, and any transfer of ownership. Furthermore, TRNT Off The Track is able to view any updates on the retired horse. This helps our program to identify areas of concern, i.e., if horses within the Territory are not receiving regular dental checks educational programs could be introduced to promote better horse husbandry of Thoroughbreds.


Local Club Sponsorship

TRNT Off The Track aims to encourage the participation of retired racehorses in local events. Off The Track provides a $500 club sponsorship, in addition to prizes and ribbons for Thoroughbred owners. The ability to target clubs at a grassroots level helps to promote the versatility of the breed and enhance participation.

Clubs wanting to apply for sponsorship are encouraged to complete a sponsorship form, which can be obtained by emailing

In addition to sponsorship and prizes. Off The Track can arrange coaching clinics for clubs interested, clinics will be aimed to educate all horse owners with a particular focus on Thoroughbreds. Previously, Off The Track has flown highly regarded coaches from inter-state and had great success in improving the riding ability of all participants.