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Off The Track

Equine Welfare Reporting

Why Your Voice Matters

Thoroughbred Racing NT recognizes that the well-being of our equine partners is of paramount importance. We believe that every individual, from industry professionals to racing enthusiasts, has a role to play in safeguarding the welfare of these incredible animals. If you have observed a situation that raises concerns about the treatment, health, or living conditions of a Thoroughbred horse, we encourage you to speak up.

How to Make a Difference

By utilising our Equine Welfare Complaint Form, you can initiate a process that leads to a thorough investigation by the NT Animal Welfare Officers. We understand that horses cannot voice their needs, so it's up to us to be their advocates. Your report can be the catalyst for positive change, helping us to identify issues and take corrective actions swiftly.


When to make a complaint 

Please refer to the Animal Protection Act 2018 for more information, and the Animal Protection Regulations 2022 which are supported by the Animal Protection Act 2018.

If you're not sure if an Animal Welfare Officer should investigate a situation, you should discuss it with the Animal Welfare Branch.

To make a complaint please complete the Equine Welfare Complaint Form below. Please carefully read the questions and information included within the form. To investigate the matter, Animal Welfare Officers will require as much information as possible.

You can also email

Or call 1300 720 386


How a complaint is investigated

When you make a complaint, TRNT Off The Track will contact the Animal Welfare Branch on your behalf. The Animal Welfare Branch will then assess the immediate risk to the animal and forward the information to a local authorised Officer or Police Officer.

Officers need reasonable grounds before they can enter private property and may contact you for more information.

The inspector will investigate your complaint and may do any or all of the following, depending on circumstances:

  • Take no further action
  • Provide advice and education for the owner on proper care of the animal
  • Direct the owner to address the welfare issues
  • Collect evidence to begin a prosecution
  • Take the animal or animals away
  • Re-visit the property later to check that directions or advice have been followed.
  • A veterinarian or animal specialist can also be called in for advice.

Please note you can't find out the exact outcome of your complaint for privacy and legal reasons. However, you can find out if it was investigated and if any offence was found.


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Information you need to provide

When you make a complaint you will need to provide as much of the following information as possible.

Additional Information

You should provide any other information you think might help the officer investigate the complaint.

Staying anonymous

You can make a complaint anonymously, but the Animal Welfare Branch likes to have your contact details so they can follow up for more information if needed.