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Integrity Notice

Posted by Chairman of Stewards

Date posted:

Integrity Notice 28 February, 2019 – Trainer Scott Westover

The TRNT Board has granted former jockey Scott Westover a restricted permit to train. Scott will be training from the oncourse stables at the Alice Springs Turf Club. As his father David Westover is the Chief Steward based in Alice Springs, the TRNT Board has implemented the following conditions and measures to protect the integrity of the racing industry:

  1. David Westover will not take an active part in any investigation in which Scott Westover is involved.
  2. Any information in relation to Scott Westover and his activities as a trainer will be quarantined from David Westover and dealt with only by the Chairman of Stewards or his delegate.
  3. The selection of any horses trained by Scott Westover for pre race swabbing will be periodically undertaken by the Chairman of Stewards at random and communicated to other Stewards or swabbing staff on duty.
  4. David Westover will not participate in any inquiry relating to any incident involving Scott Westover. In the event that an incident (i.e. protest hearing) occurs at a race meeting he is to stand down and hand over the chairing of any hearing or inquiry to another senior member of the Steward’s panel.
  5. During the course of his duties in conducting stable inspections David Westover will be required to have a fellow Steward in attendance at any official visit to Scott Westover’s registered stables.
  6. Scott Westover’s immediate family members cannot have any share or interest in any horse trained by him if they are employed in any integrity related position by TRNT.


David Hensler

TRNT Chairman of Stewards

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