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Letter to Participants

Posted by Chairman of Stewards

Date posted:


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6 March 2019


To all DTC and TRNT employees, TRNT license holders & Darwin Racing stakeholders

Camera Surveillance Notice

  1. Purpose
  • This is notice that continuous and ongoing camera surveillance will be carried out in Darwin Turf Club's premises at Bevan Halter Avenue, Fannie Bay. Anyone attending the premises may regularly be subject of surveillance; this includes Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory (TRNT) employees, TRNT license holders, Darwin Turf Club (DTC) employees or any other stakeholder to attend the premises.
  • If you are an existing TRNT employee, TRNT license holder, DTC employee or stakeholder of Darwin Racing at the time of receiving this notice, surveillance will commence on 15 March, 2019. If you are a new stakeholder of the Darwin Turf Club anytime after 15 March, 2019 surveillance will already be in place and you are subject to this notice immediately.
  • We note that changes have been made to the Darwin Turf Club Track Regulations and will in future be made to the DTC Stable Agreements to incorporate the use of the CCTV cameras and to change the terms and conditions for entry onto the Bevan Halter Avenue premises so that all entrants acknowledge and consent to the use of camera surveillance.
  1. What will the Surveillance Records be used for?
  • The TRNT Chairman of Stewards may use and disclose the surveillance records where that use or disclosure is:
    1. for a purpose related to the employment, licensing or accreditation of employees, license holders, accredited persons or related to TRNT business activities;
    2. to a law enforcement agency in connection with an offence;
    3. in connection with legal proceedings;
    4. as reasonably believed to be necessary to avert an imminent threat of serious violence or substantial damage to property;
    5. for any purpose related to the Australian Rules of Racing,  the NT Local Rules of Racing and the Darwin Turf Club Track Regulations, if any breach is suspected;
    6. for a legitimate purpose in relation to any of TRNT's stakeholders or the legitimate business activities or functions of TRNT; or
    7. to a member of a law enforcement agency for use in connection with the detection, investigation or prosecution of an offence;
    8. for a purpose directly or indirectly related to a civil or criminal proceeding; and/or
    9. where TRNT reasonably believes that the use or disclosure of the record is necessary to avoid an imminent risk of death of, or serious injury to, someone or substantial damage to property.
  • The TRNT Integrity Department will have access to viewing the footage, but its use must be in line with authorisation by the Chairman of Stewards in clause 2.1. Only the Chairman of Stewards or a TRNT Board member can authorise the release of any recorded footage for the purposes of disclosure outlined in clause 2.1.
  • Examples of instances in which use or disclosure of surveillance records might occur include (but, are not limited to), if there is an assault, or suspected assault of a person, suspected theft of Darwin Turf Club property (or that of a related corporation of Darwin Racing), damage to the Darwin Turf Club’s equipment or facilities (or that of a related corporation of Darwin Racing) or if there is a breach or suspected breach of the Australian Rules of Racing,  the NT Local Rules of Racing or the Darwin Turf Club Track Regulations.
  1. Supplementary Materials and Further Information
  • For further information on the use of CCTV Cameras and the security of the information collected, please refer to the “Surveillance Devices Privacy Policy”, the “Optical Surveillance Devices Policy” and the supplementary materials listed in those policies available on our website or upon request to the Stewards.

Yours sincerely


Keith Stacy                                                                 Andrew O’Toole

Chief Executive, Darwin Turf Club                           Chief Executive, TRNT

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