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Race day 27th March 2019

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Race 1 Kaptan Apollo.1Race 1 Kaptan Apollo.2Race 1 Kaptan Apollo.3

Race 1

Trainer Gary  Clarke

Jockey Brendan Davis 















Race 2 Marble Duke.1Race 2 Marble Duke.2Race 2 Marble Duke.3


 Race 2 

 Trainer Gary  Clarke

Jockey Brendan Davis






















Race 3 Awesome Mo.1Race 3 Awesome Mo.2Race 3 Awesome Mo.3


 Race 3 

Trainer Carl  Spry

Jockey Mathew Hart















Race 4 The Wild Side.1Race 4 The Wild Side.2Race 4 The Wild Side.3

Race 4

Trainer Phil Cole

Jockey Jarrod  Todd 
















Race 5

Trainer Carl Spry

Jockey Carl Spry

Race 5 Rosherville.1Race 5 Rosherville.2Race 5 Rosherville.3

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