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Trainers Notification

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Posted by Chairman of Stewards

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The Veterinary Board NT wish to advise the following 

It has come to the Board's attention that there have been a number of veterinarians registered in other states who have been allegedly employed to attend to your horse/s in Darwin and Alice Springs.

The Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory wishes to remind all trainers that, according to Section 24 (1) of the Veterinarians Act 2016 (the Act) a person shall not provide a veterinary service unless that person is a registered veterinarian in the Northern Territory.

Failure to comply with section 24 (1) of the Act can result in a penalty of 500 penalty units = $77,500.

Veterinarians may apply for registration in the NT by completing the registration form available on our website at: and forward the form along with a letter of good standing from their current Board to the Registrar by emai.  The Registration process takes about a week and there is no charge.

Notification provided by

Suanne Fitzpatrick

President of Veterinary Board NT


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