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Notice to Trainers

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Posted by Chairman of Stewards

Date posted:

The Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory has requested that the TRNT Stewards remind all trainers that they cannot inject any horse with an S4 drug unless they fall under the below category under the Veterinarians Act:

The below extract from section 7 of the Veterinary Regulations 1994 outlines where veterinary medications can be delivered:

The administration by a person of a Schedule 4 substance as defined in of the Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 2012, to an animal where a registered veterinarian:

  1. Has made enquiries about the animal and decided that Schedule 4 substance is required to be administered; and
  2. Is satisfied that the person who is to administer the Schedule 4 drug is competent to do so; and
  3. Has supplied or prescribed the Schedule 4 drug and given full directions with respect to its administration.

If trainers are unsure if the veterinarian they use is registered in the Northern Territory they can log onto the Veterinary Board website and click on the Veterinary register to check.

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