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Tongue Tie Policy

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Posted by Chairman of Stewards

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Att Trainers

please note the following 


Tongue Ties & Tongue Clips


Approval for use: Tongue Ties and Tongue Clips are approved for use for the purposes of AR 206(1), subject to the conditions set out below.

Specifications: Tongue Ties must be either: (a) leather strap or rubber band (at least 15mm wide); or (b) lycra or neoprene (at least 50mm wide).

Proper application: All Tongue Ties are to be looped around the tongue and secured around the lower jaw.  Tongue Ties must be clearly visible at all times.  Tongue Ties must never be attached to the bit or bridle.

Tongue Clips: Tongue Clips must be rubber and attached to the bit.  Tongue Clips with strap are also permitted.

Removal: Tongue Ties and Tongue Clips must be removed as soon as practicable.


Effective date: 1 April 2020

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