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Due to a number of reasons, not least of all the reduced Darwin Cup Carnival and lead-up, the lack of riders in the NT and the shortage of flights between Alice Springs and Darwin, the TRNT Board has moved to make the following date changes to Alice Springs meetings over the coming months. This will mean racing each weekend in the NT (with the exception of 18/19 July) and will assist with rider movements between the centres. In July, hopefully the flights return to some sort of normality but June is still very restrictive.


The changes approved (and agreed to by the Racing Commission today) are as follows:

31 May (Sunday) – brought forward a day to Saturday 30 May:

$16,000 ABR 1000m

$15,250 0-70 1400m

$15,000 0-64 1200m

$14,500 0-58 1000m (TROBIS)

$14,500 Mdn 1200m

14 June (Sunday) – brought forward a day to Saturday 13 June:

$18,000 BM76 1400m

$15,250 0-70 1000m

$14,500 0-58 1200m

$14,500 BM54 1400m

$14,500 Class 2 1100m (TROBIS)

28 June (Sunday) – brought forward eight days to Saturday 20 June:

$16,000 ABR 1200m

$15,000 0-64 1100m

$15,000 0-64 1400m

$14,500 BM54 1400m

$14,500 Mdn 1400m (TROBIS)

12 July (Sunday) – unchanged:

$15,750 BM76 1100m

$15,250 0-70 1600m

$14,500 0-58 1100m

$14,500 0-58 1400m

$14,500 Class 2 1200m (TROBIS)


26 July (Sunday) – brought forward a day to Saturday 25 July:    

$16,000 ABR 1200m

$15,000 0-64 1600m

$14,500 0-58 1200m

$14,500 BM54 1000m

$14,500 Mdn 1100m (TROBIS)

 8 August (Saturday) – unchanged:           

 Programme not yet released

 28 August (Friday) – brought forward six days to Saturday 22 August:

Programme not yet released


A new Trackside magazine will be out in mid-June, with programmes through till the end of November, so that will include the above date changes. Please note, existing programmes in June and July are subject to change should it be required.


The Board of TRNT thanks you for your understanding of the above changes, and trusts that they won’t cause too much disruption.


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