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Darwin Turf Club: 31/08/2019

Weather: Fine Track: Good Rail: True Position

Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), R Hamilton, A Napier, S Copelin, P Carrol S O Brien (Clerk of Scales), K Hampson (Assistant to the Stewards)

Veterinary: Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic

Number of Races: 6

Number of Runners: 53

Stakes Paid: $109,000


Race 1: 0-58 Div1 1300m

DUNKIRK (D Morgan) – When questioned regarding the performance rider advised that his mount had resented the kickback through the early and middle stages and had raced with its head up when under pressure in the straight.

NICANTELLYA (S Tsaikos) – Commenced awkwardly.

DUBAIS GOT TALENT (V Arnott) – Veered outwards at the start and wide throughout.

LATEST BENTLEY (S Wiseman) – Bounded at the start.

LE BOSS (J Todd) – Raced ungenerously when resenting the kickback through the early and middle stages.

HES ALL WHITE (L Neindorf) – Raced wide from the 600m.


Race 2: 0-58 Div 2 1300m

HONOUR THE WORK (S Tsaikos) – Cast the near fore plate in running.

RECORDING TO WIN (J Todd) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that his mount failed to respond to his urgings and was off the bit in running and under pressure mid race. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Trainer P Cole advised that mare will now be sent for a spell.

ALBERTA MAGIC (S Wiseman) – Steadied outwards near the 800m and raced wide from thereon.

LIBERTYS TORCH (W Davis) – The riders’ breastplate snapped in the barriers and became detached from the saddle shortly after the start.

AMIGO MIO (D Morgan) – Impeded from heels when making ground and taken outwards near the 100m.

General – Stewards permitted apprentice D Morgan to ride AMIGO MIO without claiming down to his MRW and accepted his explanation for being unable to do so.


Race 3: BM54 1100m

Stewards interviewed trainer/jockey C Spry in relation to his riding instructions as he had multiple runners in this event.

BON AIRE (C Spry) – Slow into stride.

MY SNIP (J Todd) – Bumped at the start. Lay outwards rounding the home turn and as a result was steadied near the 350m.

RUTHS BOY (S Tsaikos) – Bumped and crowded at the start.

IMA PUPPET (P Shiers) – Commenced awkwardly.

RESTLESS (M Tyndall) – Bumped at the start. Appeared to clip the heels of another runner near the 300m. As a result the gelding mistrode and the rider became unbalanced and was dislodged. The gelding underwent a post race veterinary examination which revealed an abrasion above the right temple.

FIRE N VICE (V Arnott) – Bumped at the start.

BEAU GARCON (S Wiseman) – Slow into stride.

TELLING STORIES (D Morgan) - Slow into stride.

ABLE KEN (P Denton) – Raced wide throughout.

General – After receiving medical attention by the on course paramedics jockey M Tyndall was transported to RDH. The remaining race times were amended as follows:

Race 4 – 4.50pm Race 5 – 5.20pm Race 6 – 5.50pm

An inquiry into the reason for jockey M Tyndall being dislodged from RESTLESS will be conducted at a date and time to be fixed.


Race 4: CL2 1000m

Jockey S Tsaikos replaced M Tyndall as the rider of STRATEGIC JEUNY.

VIDARR (B Huppatz) – Raced wide throughout.

HEADBELLS (S Wiseman) – Lay outwards rounding the home turn. Trainer S Clarke reported that he would consider a gear change for the filly to improve its racing manner.

PANDAS CHOICE (V Arnott) – Lunged forward in the barriers prior to the start and then reared as the gates opened and lost considerable ground. Trainer C Pollard was advised that a warning would now be placed on the mare in regards to its starting manner.


Race 5: 0-64 1000M

TORNADO OF SOULS (L Neindorf) – Raced wide throughout.

IRON LOTUS (S Wiseman) – Bounded at the start.

JOLLY BOY (B Huppatz) – Slow into stride.

Following the fall in race 3, Stewards consulted with the riding group regarding their welfare and the decision was made to abandon the final race.



Swab samples were taken from all winners. Pre race samples were taken from LATEST BENTLEY, LE BOSS, AMIGO MIO, TWIGHLIGHT MANEUVER, WILLOW JAYE and IRON LOTUS.




Race 2 – Jockey W Davis was reprimanded for a whip breach



Embargos & Warnings

Race 4 – PANDA’S CHOICE warning for starting manner



David Hensler

Chairman of Stewards