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Alice Springs Turf Club Inc: 06/11/2018

Weather: Over-cast

Track: Good

Rail: True

Stewards: D Westover (Chairman), M Hurley, B Lysaght, W Preston

Assistants to the Stewards: N Westover, M Smith

Clerk of the Scales: B Watling

Judge/Asst Judge: C Flattum/Z Butcher

Number of runners:34

Stakes paid: $ 72,500

Race 1 Scope Builders Handicap 1000m

TEA TREE GULLY (D Morgan) – Bumped with another runner at the 650m.

TWISTING TYPHOON (L Crow) – After a disappointing performance, a veterinary examination failed to reveal any apparent abnormalities.

BLAZING BULLETT (N Rudland) – Bumped with another runner at the 650m. Steadied off heels at the 500m when making ground.

SORRY I AM RAZOR (T Gillett) – Fractious in the barriers. Rolled inwards slightly at the 650m.

KING KAZOU (B Huppatz) – Crowded for room about the 650m getting its head up when having to be steadied.

PRINCESS LEAH (M Hagley) – Bounded on jumping.

VIOTTI (C Johnson) – Brushed with the running rail on several occasions at the 650m when tightened for room.

General – On inquiry it was established that about the 650m KING KAZOU (B Huppatz) which was being ridden forward, had to steady his mount in between runners when SORRY I AM RAZOR (T Gillett) rolled in slightly as did TEA TREE GULLY (D Morgan) which in turn momentarily placed pressure onto BLAZING BULLETT (N Rudland). Whilst Stewards were of the opinion that there were contributing factors that caused this incident, jockey T Gillett was nonetheless advised to exercise more care when shifting ground in future.

Race 2: Hair Today Handicap 1100m

LE COMMANDANT (D Morgan) – Inclined to lay outwards in the early stages of the event bumping with another runner on several occasions. Steadied off heels at the 600m. Rider reported that the gelding resented the kickback early and as a result raced ungenerously.

LOCK THE DOORS (S Wiseman) – Bumped with another runner on several occasions in the early stages of the event.

EVIL MISS (M Hagley) – Cantankerous in the saddling enclosure and en route to the start.

THAT’S JUSTIFIED (W Kerford) – Commenced awkwardly.

Race 3: Pink Ribbon Handicap 1400m

MAUDY (N Rudland) – On arriving at the barriers, a veterinary examination was carried out after the gelding struck the side of the fence entering onto the track and it was subsequently cleared to compete Bumped with another runner close to the finish.

DANOXIE (S Wiseman) – Inclined to over-race in the early stages. Taken inwards by another runner approaching the first turn.

BIANCONI’S SON (L Williams) – Inclined to over-race in the early stages shifting in slightly approaching the first turn.

HENRY LAD (W Kerford) – Impeded for room into the first turn bumping with another runner.

EXERT (D Morgan) – Bumped with another runner close to the finish.

OUR TICKETS (L Crow) – Knuckled on jumping losing some ground.

DREAM PASSENGER (C Johnson) – Tightened for room along the rails into the first turn.

General: On inquiry it was established that both DREAM PASENGER (C Johnson) and MAUDY (N Rudland) were tightened for room when BIANCON’S SON (L Williams) shifted in slightly when over- racing and in doing so took DANOXIE (S Wiseman) inwards which was also over-racing into the first turn. Whilst acknowledging the interference, Stewards were satisfied that jockey L Williams was making a genuine effort to keep his mount straight and took no further action.

Race 4: Cancer Council NT Handicap 1400m

This event was brought forward 7 minutes to avoid a storm front which was quickly moving in over the racecourse.

DOON BUGGY (M Hagley) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

HEART OF RED (W Kerford) – Steadied off heels into the first turn.

CELEBRAKTI (B Huppatz) – Bumped with another runner on jumping.

General: Stewards during the week received a report from the Track Supervisor that a licenced trainer had been seen with a stockwhip in his possession on the race course behind the practise barriers. The possession of a stockwhip is an offence under AR137AB(a). Stewards subsequently conducted a search at the racing stables of trainer R Bell and confiscated an item resembling a stockwhip. At an inquiry Mr Bell explained that the confiscated whip was in fact the handle of a regulation whip with a piece of soft rope attached to it and he used the item for educational purposes only. Stewards accepted this explanation and took no further action other than to reinforce with Mr Bell that whilst he was not in possession of a stockwhip the confiscated item was similar in appearance and therefore not appropriate to retain. He was also advised of the alternative buggy whip which is permitted for educational purposes.

Stewards inquired into a report tendered by the ASTC CEO Mr Garry Armstrong in relation to an incident involving licenced trainer Mr D Oxlade on Heath Road on the morning of Wednesday 31st October. Evidence was taken from Mr Oxlade.

Mr Oxlade subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge under AR175(q) which reads: The Principal Racing Authority (or the Stewards exercising powers delegated to them) may penalise any person who in their opinion is guilty of any misconduct, improper conduct or unseemly behaviour. The Stewards specify improper conduct.

The improper conduct being that on the morning of Wednesday 31st October, he was observed by the CEO, and the Track Supervisor driving his vehicle along Heath Road with a child standing on the kickboard outside of the vehicle on the driver side with his arm out of the window hanging on to him placing that child in direct danger.

Mr Oxlade was fined the sum of $500 and notified of his right of appeal.

Stewards opened an inquiry into a report tendered by the track supervisor Mr B Chant in regards to verbal abuse aimed towards himself by a licenced person on two separate occasions whilst in the course of his duties. After taking evidence from licenced trainer Mr D Oxlade, Stewards adjourned the inquiry to a date to be fixed.

Post-race samples were taken from all winners.


Suspensions - Nil

Warnings -Nil

Reprimands – Track rider Scott Westover. Failing to wear a reflective vest prior to sunrise whilst leading a horse. AR80D

Embargo - Nil


Race 3 Jockey L Williams $200 whip breach AR137A(5)(a)(ii)

Trainer D Oxlade $500 AR175(q)

D Westover