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Darwin Turf Club: 23/10/2021

Weather: Fine Track: Good Rail: True Position

Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), R Hamilton, S Copeland, P Carrol, S O’Brien, B Souter (Clerk of Scales), R Shiers (assistant to the Stewards)

Stable compliance: R Hamilton, P Carrol

Judge/Assistant: D Garnham, S Harris

Veterinary: Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic

Number of Races: 5

Number of Runners: 40

Stakes Paid: $93,500


From DTC meeting 16 October 2021.

Race 1 Maiden 1100m – Trainer C Nash reported that following the unplaced run a veterinary check of OUR SUSTAR revealed no abnormalities but he expressed the view that as the mare has shown signs of coming into season that this may have affected the performance. He advised he would freshen the mare prior to racing again.

Stewards Report – Friday 22 October 2021.

Conclusion of the inquiry into the reason for OGRIM (K Gladwin) clipping heels and falling in race 6 at the Darwin Turf Club race meeting conducted on Saturday 26 June, 2021.

The following is an extract of the Steward’s report from that day.

Race 6: Maiden 1300m

CREATIVE CONTROL (P Shiers) – Carried outwards passing the 650m. Checked at the 300m.

GUNNERSIDE (D Stanley) – Post race the gelding received veterinary treatment for a wound to the off hock. Trainer K McCarroll must present a veterinary clearance for the gelding prior to racing again.

LIZ DELIGHT (S Miller) – Severely checked at the 300m.

OGRIM (K Gladwin) – Clipped heels and fell dislodging the rider at the 300m. The veterinarian reported the gelding to be lame in the off hind leg and to have abrasions to the off knee and shoulder. Trainer M Rumble must present a veterinary clearance for the gelding prior to racing again.

OLIVER BULLET (S Tsaikos) – Raced wide throughout.

RANCESKI (J Todd) – Dwelt at the start and then veered inwards having to steady off heels. Stumbled over a fallen runner and dislodged the rider at the 300m. Trainer S Bottomley subsequently reported that the gelding had recovered without any notable issues.

THE UNKNOWN (B Sweeney) – Unable to avoid a fallen runner at the 300m and fell heavily dislodging the rider. The veterinarian reported that the gelding was initially sedated but then was euthanized on humane grounds due to internal haemorrhaging.

LIT (A Lindsay) – Commenced awkwardly. Checked and unbalanced at the 300m. When questioned regarding the performance rider reported the mare raced ungenerously in the early stages and failed to race competitively. Trainer K Lamprecht was advised that the mare must barrier trial to the satisfaction of the Stewards prior to racing again.

General – Jockeys K Gladwin, B Sweeney and J Todd were attended to by the oncourse paramedics and transported to Royal Darwin Hospital for further medical treatment.

An inquiry into the reason for OGRIM clipping heels and falling was opened and adjourned to a date to be fixed.

The inquiry resumed on Saturday 14 July, 2021 and evidence was taken from apprentice jockey D Stanley, host trainer R Robb, jockeys J Todd, W Davis, J Lyon, S Miller, P Shiers and AJA safety officer K Ring. The matter was again adjourned and further evidence was tendered today by jockey K Gladwin.

Stewards considered the submissions of all parties and reviewed the patrol films. It was established that leaving the 500m GUNNERSIDE (D Stanley) was under pressure and commenced to yield ground and as a result near the 400m rolled inwards. At the same stage OGRIM (K Gladwin) when being ridden along was improving quickly and the rider looked to take a run to the inside of GUNNERSIDE. At this point apprentice D Stanley heard a call from jockey K Gladwin. He looked to his inside and in response shifted his mount outwards. Simultaneously when steadying his mount due to being positioned close to heels, jockey K Gladwin elected to shift OGRIM out to improve and near the 300m clipped the heels of GUNNERSIDE and fell. This was the catalyst for the interference to other runners in the race.

Stewards were satisfied in the circumstances that no rider was at fault and the incident was deemed accidental.


Race 1: Maiden 1300m

Stewards interviewed trainer C Pollard in regards to the riding instructions he intended to issue bearing in mind the stable had multiple runners in this event.

DALY WATERS (A Nicholls) – Bounded at the start.

RANCESKI (B Huppatz) – Raced wide throughout. Trainer C Pollard advised that the gelding will be retired.



Race 2: 0-58 1100m

COWLEY’S CREEK (J Philpot) – Slow into stride and impeded shortly after the start. Raced wide for the majority of the event.

CRAZY LAD (W Davis) – Bumped at the start.

SWEET CHEVAL (J Noske) – Bumped at the start.

PRINCESS DEJOUR (V Arnott) – Raced wide throughout.



Race 3: BM76 1000m

At the request of SKY the start time of this event was amended to 4.18pm.

Stewards interviewed trainer G Clarke in regards to the riding instructions he intended to issue bearing in mind the stable had multiple runners in this event.

SO STOIC (J Gray) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped. Raced wide throughout.

HOPE YA DON’T MIND (J Philpot) – Raced wide throughout. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

PATRIOT DAY (B Huppatz) – Bumped at the start.



Race 4: 0-64 1000m

ANOTHER BIT (J Gray) – Slow into stride.

ASAHI BEARING (J Todd) – Fractious prior to the start. Returned with blood in the mouth from a loosened tooth.

POWER RUSH (C Hunter) – Slow into stride.

FAITH AND LOVE (W Davis) – Slow into stride and raced wide throughout. A post race veterinary examination revealed the mare to have an elevated heart racte.

TOORAK ROAD (B Huppatz) – Returned with blood in the right nostril from a laceration.



Race 5: 0-70 1600m

ROYAL RUMBLE (J Noske) – Slow into stride.

FORT KNOX (J Todd) – When questioned regarding the unplaced performance rider advised that he intended to lead but without enough early pace to do so, he settled the gelding behind the leaders approaching the first turn. He stated that with a steady pace set by the leaders his mount drifted back through the field in the middle stages despite being ridden along. He expressed the opinion that as his mount raced in a one paced manner the gelding did not finish the race off in the straight as anticipated.

MAXAWAY (C Hunter) – Race wide throughout.

PRINCESS MARIBEL (J Philpot) – Raced wide from the 600m.




Post-race swab samples taken from all winners. Pre race samples were taken from NAUGHTON, TREBLA, SON OF UTRED, COWLEY’S CREEK, FAITH AND LOVE & TOORAK ROAD






From DTC track work 20 October, 2021 – jockey A Nichols fined $500 for improper conduct ($300 suspended for 12 months) AR228(b)

Embargoes & Warnings




D Hensler

Chairman of Stewards