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Darwin Turf Club: 01/12/2018

Weather: Fine Track: Good Rail: True Position

Stewards: D Hensler (Chairman), R Hamilton, A Napier, S Copelin, P Carroll (Clerk of Scales), K Hampson (Assistant to the Stewards)

Stable Compliance: R Hamilton, A Napier

Veterinary: Howard Springs Veterinary Clinic

Number of Races: 5

Number of Runners: 53

Stakes Paid: $91,500

General from Race 2 at the DTC meeting 17 November, 2018

Trainer G Clarke advised that following the unplaced performance of ZIMZALA the connections do not intend to continue with the gelding’s current preparation in the NT.

Race 1: 0-58 1300m

ISLE OF LIGHT (K Gladwin) – Raced wide throughout.

SON OF A FLING (B Davis) – Knuckled badly on jumping.

MAZZARO (W Davis) – Momentarily impeded from heels at the 1200m.

ABLE KEN (R Vigar) – Shifted ground outwards under pressure in the straight.

General – Apprentice D Morgan was reprimanded under NT91(c) for failing to claim his full 3kg allowance in this event.

Race 2: BM76 1100m

NICCOCO (P Shiers) – Slow into stride.

HOOK ME UP (P Crich) – Raced wide throughout.

Race 3: BM54 1100m

FLINDERS BEACH (B Huppatz) – Rider reported that his saddle shifted near the 800m and as a result his mount lost momentum.

SANT ANGELO (V Arnott) – Raced wide throughout.

General – Following this race jockey K Gladwin was examined by the Paramedics and stood down from his remaining riding engagements as he was unwell due to the effects of dehydration. Stewards approved the following riding replacements:

Race 4 SHOWY ME – P Denton Race 5 LARRICONI – W Davis

Race 4: Maiden 1000m

LOOKING FOR YOU (J Todd) dislodged its rider behind the barriers and after completing a lap of the track riderless was declared a late scratching by order of the Stewards at 5.01pm. The rider was not injured in this incident. As a result of this incident the race commenced approximately 5 minutes late.

Stewards ordered that all bets wagered on LOOKING FOR YOU be refunded and all successful bets placed prior to 5.01pm were subject to the following deductions –

MCINTYRE 15c win 10c place

ZIGZAGZOU 11c place

BIG SHAFT 21c place

FIRST THREE LEGS (R Vigar) – Severely checked by its rider at the 500m due to interference caused by a riderless horse.

INDIAN STAR (R Oakford) – Slow into stride. Carried outwards and impeded at the 400m.

EDENHOPE (V Arnott) – Bumped at the start. Raced wide throughout.

SHOWY ME (P Denton) – Restrained outwards at the 400m.

FIZZY ONE (D Morgan) – Commenced awkwardly and bumped. Rider was dislodged from his mount at the 700m.

FINALISE (B Davis) – Proved difficult to load and was fractious in the barriers. Trainer L Walling - Denton was advised that a warning would be placed on the filly’s barrier manners.

SWEET NORTH (P Crich) – Commenced awkwardly. Severely checked by its rider at the 500m due to interference caused by a riderless horse.

General – Apprentice D Morgan was transported to Royal Darwin Hospital for observation and he will be required to provide a medical clearance prior to riding again.

Following his release from hospital and subsequent to the race meeting Stewards inquired into the reason for apprentice D Morgan being dislodged at the 700m. After viewing the patrol vision it was established that his saddle shifted slightly after his mount commenced awkwardly and bumped with another runner and continued to shift in the run to the first turn. Approaching the 700m he was unable to maintain his balance and his saddle shifted to the off side of his mount and he was dislodged. As apprentice D Morgan had lost consciousness when he fell he had no recollection of the day. He did indicate that if he had been concerned about the manner in which his mount had been saddled he would have brought it to the attention of the barrier staff as there had been a lengthy delay in the race commencing as a result of the late scratching. His saddle and associated race gear were inspected by the Stewards and found to be in serviceable order.

Race 5: 0-64 1600m

Stewards gave approval for jockey P Crich to replace D Morgan as the rider of FOXY LULU.

Due to the lengthy delay that resulted from the fall in the previous race the start time of this event was put back until 5.50pm.

ANOTHER MANS GAIN (M Hagley) – Carried outwards and bumped shortly after the start.

BRIDGEY FLYER (P Shiers) – Bumped outwards shortly after the start.

MURPHY (V Arnott) – Slow into stride. Raced wide from the 500m.

MOORE ALPHA (J Todd) – Shifted ground inwards when tested with the whip inside the final 100m.

KARMONAARON (R Vigar) – Commenced awkwardly and raced wide throughout. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities.

General – Following race 4 jockey B Davis reported that he had struck his foot in the barriers when his mount had become fractious after being loaded. Following the last race B Davis was examined by the Paramedics. Subsequent to the race meeting B Davis reported that he had sought medical attention and an x-ray revealed he had sustained a fracture in his left foot. He was advised that he must present a medical clearance prior to riding again.


Post race swab samples were taken from all winners.




Race 1 – Apprentice D Morgan reprimanded for failing to claim down to his MRW – NT91(c)



Embargos & warnings

Race 4 – FINALISE warning for barrier manners


Apprentice D Morgan – medical clearance required

Jockey B Davis – medical clearance required

D Hensler

Chairman of Stewards