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Darwin Turf Club Stable Application

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Visiting Trainer’s Stabling and Stable Fee

Effective 1st May 2020 through 30th September 2020

We very much welcome and appreciate the attendance of visiting trainers to the Darwin Turf Club for the Great Northern Darwin Cup Carnival and strive to provide you with quality facilities while you are in the Top End.

Visiting Trainer’s stabling

Visiting Trainers are required to make application directly to the Darwin Turf Club for the number of boxes they will require over Carnival, noting their arrival and departure dates.

Please note that stabling facilities, both permanent and portable, are limited, and we ask that your box number is accurate and fixed, and notified to us no later than 20 April 2020. Notification after this date could make it difficult to accommodate your request.

Application must be lodged prior to arrival by completing the attached Visiting Trainer’s Application Form and emailed to Cameron Riches, Stable Manager

Any questions in relation to this may be directed to Cameron on 0427 999 121.

Visiting Trainer’s Stable Fee

With stabling, as you can appreciate, come costs such as maintenance and upkeep of trainer’s stables, the use of the caravan park, hot and cold showers, toilets, laundry facilities, power, water, feed and tack containers, waste removal and horse boxes.

To assist with some of these costs, the Darwin Turf Club implemented a Visiting Trainer’s Stabling Fee in 2016 for the months of May through September.

For Trainers stabled in the Visiting Trainers Stables or Permanent Trainer’s Stables, the fee for 2020 is $4.40 including GST per box per day, for the period May through September.

The fee for portable stabling, which has no access to power, is charged at $2.20 including GST per box per day for the period May through September.

A new fee has been introduced for visitors staying in the Caravan Park at the Darwin Turf Club. The fee will be $33.00 including GST per camp site per week.


Trainers will be invoiced monthly in advance for their allocated boxes before arriving at the Darwin Turf Club. All paperwork for both stabling and Caravan Park must be returned prior to stabling and camp site being guaranteed.

Excess Boxes

Trainers must notify me in writing or email when handing back excess boxes to the Club, which will consider crediting the excess box fees from the date of notification. Each case will be considered on its merits.


Stable and Track Matters

Your direct channel, the key person, to approach with any stable or track related matter is myself.  Not any facility staff, i'm the person for all industry to deal with intially with all stable and track matters.  i will then decide the correct course of action to be taken and with whom to consult to ensure correct outcomes.

CCTV Cameras

Please note that CCTV Cameras operate within Bevan Halter Avenue and the DTC Caravan Park. Cameras are also situated in the Visiting Trainer’s Stables (VTS) as these were recently utilized as race day tie-up stalls. There are no CCTV Cameras within permanent trainer’s stables in the stable complex.

We sincerely appreciate your attendance and support of the Great Northern Darwin Cup Carnival and trust you will enjoy your time here and wish you the best of success.

Once the application has been reviewed and approved, the Darwin Turf Club will send confirmation in writing via mail or email stating the number of boxes allocated, and their location on the race course.