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Choosing a Trainer

Once you have decided that you want to get involved in racehorse ownership you will need to find a trainer or agent as an adviser. The quality of advice that you receive at this stage is likely to have a major influence on your future success and it is therefore important that you take your time choosing your trainer or agent.

When buying your horse an agent will normally charge a percentage of the horse’s purchase price in commission. Trainers will be unlikely to charge a fee, but they will expect to train the horse.

When you contact a trainer, there are several basic questions to which you will need answers. If you want a trainer to get involved with buying your horse for you, you will need to know if they will charge you for doing this, and you may like to question them concerning how successful they have been with their purchases in the past. You should question them about the training fees per week and get an estimate of the costs of extras such as nomination fees, veterinary fees, farrier fees and transport.

Whilst looking for a suitable trainer you will notice that fees will vary according to the reputation of the trainer, the location and the facilities available. However always remember that getting along with your trainer is a very important part of the thrill of ownership.

For more information follow the link for the Trainers & Owners Reform now incorporated in the Australian Rules of Racing.