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Transfer of Racehorse Ownership

  • A transfer of ownership is not official until endorsed.
  • The relevant transfer clause in the document should be signed in the top section by owners disposing of their interest in the horse. The bottom section should be completed by all persons remaining or entering into the ownership.
  • Date of Transfer is the date the horse was purchased/ acquired or the date a change has taken place in the ownership, not the date the paperwork is lodged.
  • Purchase price of the horse must be included in space availbable
  • Full Christian names and the residential address of each owner must be provided.
  • Dates of birth and percentage of ownership are to be shown.
  • If any transfer is being signed under power of Authority or letter of authority, a copy of such authority must be provided when lodging the transfer. Persons delegated to sign under authority should sign their own name, not the name of the person they are representing.
  • It is a serious offence to lodge a document which has been falsified.
  • If an error is made by any person when completing the transfer ‘do not’ cross out or use liquid paper to delete any details. Contact the Principal Racing authority on 8944 7500 for advice.
  • Pages should not be removed from the document under any circumstances.

Horse Ownership Transfer Forms

Sale/Purchase Price: The sale/purchase price of a horse must be disclosed on the Transfer of Ownership form in accordance with the Australian Rule of Racing AR.28.(7). Date of Effect: 1 January, 2018