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Off The Track

During Racing

The integrity of Thoroughbred Racing within the NT is upheld by the TRNT Stewards. The stewards are responsible for overseeing all activities both during and outside of the race day. The stewards enforce strong measures to enhance the integrity of racing and promote the welfare of both animals and humans. Repercussions are enforced for individuals who do not comply with racing rules and regulations.

 Stewards ensure the welfare of equine competitors by regularly conducting the following as per their role requirements:

  • Integrity management.
  • Conducting regular stable and horse inspections. Including regular optical surveillance of all horses and staff.
  • Barrier trials to investigate the performance of a horse as per any concerns.
  • Form analysis.
  • Investigations and subsequent disciplinary action. As per breaches of racing rules, including the negligent care of a horse.
  • Attendance and observation of trackwork.

Furthermore, the Stewards have developed hot weather and drug testing policies to further support welfare practices. The hot weather policy considers the impact that high temperatures can have on the health of both human and animal competitors. Club facilities provide the horses with access to fans at all times and ice baths. However, the necessity to cancel a race during extreme temperatures is enforced by TRNT. Drug testing is also conducted by stewards both pre and post-race to uphold the integrity of all races conducted with the Northern Territory.