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Off The Track

Post Racing

TRNT Off The Track has provided a commitment to supporting the welfare of NT Thoroughbreds post racing.

In accordance with Racing Australia regulations, all trainers and owners are required to lodge a ‘Retirement of Racehorse or Death Notification form’ within a required time frame. The Stable Return of a horse either entering or leaving a stable must also be updated within 24 hours.  The requirement for owners to provide updates on the whereabouts of a horse is crucial to the traceability of racehorses. Therefore, assisting to support the Thoroughbred’s welfare, through a concern for the location of racehorses at all times.

One percent of all prize money earned is directed into Off The Track to support equine welfare provisions. This has allowed Off The Track to encourage the uptake of racehorses by supporting clubs from a grass root level, providing funding for clinics and events. Furthermore, the transition of racehorses into retirement is supported with the provision of a care package sponsored by Hygain.

Additionally, TRNT Off The Track provides a travel subsidy for horses being transported interstate to agreed homes and re-trainers. TRNT recognises that warmer conditions often create difficulties for a horse retiring within the NT. As a result, assistance is provided to owners when re-homing their horse interstate. TRNT Off The Track has also developed a relationship with numerous interstate re-trainers to further aid in this endeavor.