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Off The Track

Equine Education Grant

The Equine Education Grant has been designed to support the post-racing transition of retired racehorses by offering financial assistance to their owners. We understand the importance of providing these magnificent animals with a second chance at a fulfilling and purposeful life beyond the racetrack. The Equine Education Grant aims to make this transition as smooth as possible by providing owners with a $250 grant, which can be used to cover the costs of lessons or retraining for their retired racehorses.

We aim to facilitate this transition by empowering owners to invest in the education and retraining of their equine companions.

The Equine Education Grant aims to support retired racehorses by:

  • Promoting responsible ownership- We encourage owners to actively engage in the post-racing life of their horses and to provide them with the training and care they need.
  • Enhancing the prospects of retired racehorses- By funding education and retraining, we increase the chances of these horses finding new careers and loving homes.
  • Supporting the equine community- We aim to strengthen the bond between owners, trainers, and horses by providing financial assistance to facilitate the transition to post-racing life.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the grant, the following criteria must be met:

i) was domiciled in the Northern Territory at the time of its retirement, as per Racing Australia records.

(ii) The horse must have been trained and directly retired from a licensed Thoroughbred Racing NT Trainer.

(iii) The horse must retire to a new stable address located within the Northern Territory.

(iv) The horse must be newly retired from racing (within the last twenty four months), OR retired from January 2021 onwards. 

For more information please review the Terms and Conditions linked below, or contact


Application Process:

1. Complete the TRNT Off The Track Registration form

2. If eligible, TRNT Off The Track will send you a copy of the Terms and Conditions which must be signed and returned. 

Please note that you will be required to nominate your TRNT Off The Track Educator on the Terms and Conditions. The grant amount of $250 MUST be used with a TRNT Off The Track Educator. Follow this link to review the list of Approved Educators- TRNT Off The Track Educators

3. TRNT Off The Track will issue you, the owner, with a letter of grant approval. This letter should be presented for use with the TRNT OTT Educator nominated on the application form.

4. As the applicant, you are responsible for contacting your nominated TRNT Off The Track Educator to arrange either lessons or retraining. 

5. TRNT Off The Track shall be invoiced by the TRNT Off The Track Educator to the amount for $250 to assist with the cost of lessons or retraining. 

Should you have an queries please contact or call (08) 8944 7500