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Off The Track

Nutrition Support

The Nutritional Support Program is is designed to offer vital assistance to Thoroughbreds, ensuring they receive the proper nutrition and care they need to thrive in their post-racing years.

Our commitment is to offer comprehensive nutritional guidance, three bags of high-quality feed, and essential supplements to assist horses in maintaining their health and wellbeing. This program plays a crucial role in facilitating a smooth and successful transition for these remarkable athletes.


Eligibility to participate in the Nutritional Support Program is subject to the following:

  1. The horse must have raced within the Northern Territory.
  2. The horse must have been trained  and directly retired from a licensed Thoroughbred Racing NT Trainer.
  3. The horse must retire to a new stable address located within the Northern Territory. 
  4. The horse must be newly retired from racing (within the last three months).

If you meet the above criteria please contact


Nutritional Support & Feed Package






TRNT Off The Track has developed a partnership with local feed stores; Stockfeed Shop and Laucke Mills, to ensure that nutritional support and feed can be provided to newly retired racehorses. 

For horses retired within the Darwin or Katherine region, new owners can visit the Stockfeed Shop where they will recieve a brief consultation regarding the best choice of feed for their newly retired Thoroughbred. The owner will be able to select three bags of feed. There are no restrictions on the type of feed selected, however, the total amount cannot exceed $160.00. 

Similarly, for horses retired within the Alice Springs or Tennant Creek region, owners can visit Laucke Mills to select their feed and recieve a brief consulatation.

There is no cost to the new owner for the three bags of feed selected or the consultation. 

TRNT Off The Track understands that often new owners will require more nutritional support as the horse transitions for race feed to cool feed. TRNT Off The Track is committed to providing assistance during this period, and helping ease the horses transition into retirement.  


Hygain Supplement Packagehygain

As part of the Aftercare Program, TRNT Off The Track will also provide newly retired horses with $200.00 worth of Hygain Supplements and a Nutrition Consultation. 

TRNT Off The Track are grateful to be partnered with Hygain and are incredibly thankful for their support being provided to racehorses both on and off the track.

Within the Hygain Supplement Package newly retired horses will recieve the following:

1.2 Kg of Regain, a rapid electrolyte replacer formulated for horses to replace body salts lost during exercise, hot climatic conditions and as an aid in the treatment of dehydration, hypochloraemia and alkalosis.

3.75Kg of Digest and Protect, which provides complete digestive support in a palatable blend, formulated to stimulate digestion and promote the health of the digestive tract.

1.2 Kg Gleam, a rapid Hoof and Coat Conditioner in a blend of biotin, bio-chelated zinc, quality amino acids, full fat soya bean meal and essential fatty acids formulated in a palatable banana flavoured base for all equines.